Lamao Caves

Dingalan, Aurora

Lamao Caves are located in Dingalan, Aurora. This array of caves curved along the seaside cliff are constantly lured by waves of the Pacific Ocean. The caves would seem deceptively ordinary, however, upon close inspection, a delightful natural waterfall gushes inside from the underground stream. Drizzles inside the caves give the impression of rainy weather.

Lamao Caves News

  • Dingalan Aurora: A QuickTravel Guide For Your First Visit

    Dingalan Aurora: A QuickTravel Guide For Your First Visit

    Dingalan is NOT the Batanes of the East.

    If you are looking for a jam-packed adventure, I recommend you to visit this stunning destination.

  • I Love Dingalan In Aurora

    Dingalan is not a typical beach that most people expect. It does not have a white sand. The water is dark. The rocks and waves can be big but if there is one great thing about the place is the unique and breathtaking scenery.

    The trip would usually start with a photo session on the "I love Dingalan" text sculpture. Around the area is a view of the mountains and a surrounding open field with horses. Then we went to the market to buy food before heading to the port for a boat ride.

    I will admit that this is not a place that I would like to swim in but it has this dramatic mood and visuals ...

  • Dingalan Aurora A Hidden Paradise Of The East

    Dingalan Aurora A Hidden Paradise Of The East

    The province of Aurora is not just all about Baler, let me introduce Dingalan which has become the newest tourist destination and was dubbed as the "Batanes of the East". It is situated approximately 183 kilometers north-east of Manila. bounded on the north by San Luis (in Aurora province), on the west by Gabaldon and General Tinio (Nueva Ecija) and Doña Remedios Trinidad (Bulacan), on the south by General Nakar (Quezon) and on the east by the Benham Rise or Plateau and Pacific Ocean.

    The town of Dingalan is a third class coastal municipality that boast of beaches, waterfalls and lush gree ...

  • Between Peaks And Waves In Dingalan

    Between Peaks And Waves In Dingalan

    We go out of our comfort zones not to escape life but rather, to enrich it with experiences. Experiences that keeps us grounded and shatters the thin ice that separates us from reality and the routinary defaults of the adult world. This time, we headed to Dingalan, the neighboring and a quaint municipality in Aurora that is hidden behind the mountain Ranges of the Sierra Madre, adjacent to Quezon province.

    The Lamao

    At the southernmost part of the Aurora province, lies Dingalan. It offers rugged shorelines and rustic features that are far from touristy and was given the moniker "The Bata ...

  • Summer Roadtrip 2014 GoPro

    Thanks to my brother and sis-in-law for the GoPro camera!

    Music: Pompeii by Bastille
    Locations: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Baler Aurora, Dicasalarin Cove, Dipaculao Aurora - Philippines #gopro #baler #wowphilippines #summerphilippines #aurora

  • Aurora Province

    Aurora Province

    The province of Aurora is situated on the eastern-central side of the Luzon Island, the largest of the three main Philippine Islands. To its north are the provinces of Quirino and Isabela; on the west are Nueva Viscaya and Nueva Ecija; on the south are Quezon and Bulacan; and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

    Aurora's overall land area covers about 1% of the Philippines' total land area.

    Because of its remote setting, Aurora is predominantly rural. Despite its huge land area, population is just at about 180,000, the fifth lowest in the entire Philippines. There are about 246 recreational f ...