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  • Waves Of Aurora Philippines

    So uhm our family took advantage of long weekend last week April 28, 29, and 30. because my brother have school that is the free time of mah kuya bc their last day is on last week of may. Busy of that long weekend, many families took advantage of it too!!! all hotels are booked but luckily we found one! the hotel's still under construction and unknown actually it is not an actual hotel, bc we stayed in small kubo (nipa hut) and rented a tent but it was ok tho and it was memorable because we had fun, it is my first time sleeping on a tent (it is so hoooooooot AF) and had a looooooooong road tri ...

  • Sand And Stars Resort Dinadiawan Beach

    Sand And Stars Resort Dinadiawan Beach

    At first, we were looking for a beach which is not too crowded, we tried checking some blog sites, thereafter, upon reviewing the different beaches from the said blog sites, I have seen that the Sand and Stars Resort has the best review so far, as such, since we also want to experience glamping and outdoor bonding, we tried to study about how to travel to Aurora province going to the said resort.

    The place is really stunning, adding to it the location of the resort where you can witness the sunrise and the sunset as it was in middle of the mountains. It gives a feeling of being isolated for ...

  • Baler Escapade Ampere Beach Of Dipaculao

    Baler Escapade Ampere Beach Of Dipaculao

    Our Baler Escapade started pretty rough because the weather wasn't really good. We were supposed to hit the beach and the falls on the first day but none of them pushed through because of the weather. I actually thought that everything will be ruined since our original itinerary was completely changed. It weather may not be so accommodating to us but we actually had a great start. We were taken briefly to the magnificent scenery offered by the so-called Ampere Beach.

    Ampere Beach is located in Dipaculao which is almost an hour away from Baler. Topographically, Ampere Beach is not a kind of ...

  • Soul Surfers In Baler The Outskirts

    Soul Surfers In Baler The Outskirts

    Baler isn't the only reason to visit Aurora. If you're like me who got frustrated of surfing and held grudge against Sabang Beach for it, there are other beaches across the province where you can just get your tan even if you are already tan. In our trip, we went to Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort.

    Dinadiawan is located in the town of Dipaculao. It took us around two hours to reach the beach. Good thing that we ate buffet for breakfast.

    I believe there are residential houses around the resort. There were children playing and they were fishing. They must be lucky to live just beside the beac ...

  • Dinadiawan Falls Auroras Enchanting Mystic Falls

    On May 15, 2010, Kabalikat Civicom Isabela officers together with their families trekked to the enchanting falls of Dinadiawan, Aurora. This place is frequented by tourists both local and foreign. Dinadiawan is one hour ride from Baler and 3 ride from Santiago, Isabela. Local tourists from Region 2 mostly prefer Dinadiawan Pristine Beaches not to include adventures in the mountain ranges. Dinadiawan offers Resorts with better facilites compared to others in the province.

  • Dinadiawan Beach Auroras Hidden Gem

    Dinadiawan Beach Auroras Hidden Gem

    Through the raging waves of Sabang Beach, Mother Falls' tempestuous water dropping from its magnificent tier and superb antiquity that Aurora Province holds, there's a precious gem hiding beneath these treasures called Dinadiawan Beach. With its silken white sand and crystal clear water, Dinadiawan Beach had been an underrated spot in Aurora Province.

    After having visited Aurora Province for three times, it's my first time to visit places outside Baler. This is because I got really curious about the article from THE LOST KIDS PH where they cover a white sand paradise beyond Baler. So while ...