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  • Travel Guide Dingalan Aurora

    Travel Guide Dingalan Aurora

    Ragged and rustic, wild and treacherous, the beautiful landscape of Dingalan evokes varied feels. From the cliffside hills that resemble those in Batanes to the jagged and rocky southern coast remiscent of those in Dasol and Laswitan. But amid some similarities to popular spots in the Philippines, Dingalan is still Dingalan… unique and distinct from the others.

  • Dingalan Aurora Philippines

    Went for a short weekend trip to Dingalan, Aurora. Hiked to the Dingalan Lighthouse and took some little dipping at Tanawan Falls.

  • A Swedish Volunteer Enters Philippine Eagle Territory

    A Swedish Volunteer Enters Philippine Eagle Territory

    I applied to the Philippines to learn about disaster risk management and environmental protection in the local context through International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC), a student-run world-wide organisation that provides volunteering opportunities for young people. I was then assigned in Haribon Foundation.

    Upon research, I found out that Haribon is a pioneer Filipino organization for nature conservation and has been in the service for 43 years. Haribon had been working for the conservation of our biodiversity to ensure sustainability of our natural ...

  • Law To Protect The Philippine Eagle Awaits Final Signature

    Law To Protect The Philippine Eagle Awaits Final Signature

    After nearly three years in the Third Reading, the ordinance that establishes the 8,227 hectares of forest land in Gabaldon as an area for conservation and wildlife protection (a.k.a. Critical Habitats) moves closer to its passage as law as a result of community negotiations.

    In 2014, environmental group Haribon Foundation confirmed in an expedition the sightings of an adult pair and a juvenile Philippine Eagle in the Mingan mountains. Since then, consultations with stakeholders have been done to develop sustainable solutions that will protect the home of Philippine Eagles in Luzon.

    Work ...

  • I Love Dingalan In Aurora

    Dingalan is not a typical beach that most people expect. It does not have a white sand. The water is dark. The rocks and waves can be big but if there is one great thing about the place is the unique and breathtaking scenery.

    The trip would usually start with a photo session on the "I love Dingalan" text sculpture. Around the area is a view of the mountains and a surrounding open field with horses. Then we went to the market to buy food before heading to the port for a boat ride.

    I will admit that this is not a place that I would like to swim in but it has this dramatic mood and visuals ...

  • Saving Nature Is Saving Our Future

    Haribon highlights efforts against overfishing and biodiversity loss

    In the next 15 to 25 years, our children may only learn about the once staple Philippine fish talakitok and maya-maya in science books, or perhaps in museums.

    These fish species, along with at least 10 others in the Philippines, are on the brink of extinction in just over a decade's time due to over harvesting and illegal fishing.

    Filipinos depend on fish as one of their primary protein sources.

    With the decline of biodiversity in marine life and other ecosystems, the growing demand for fish over time will undoubt ...