Dingalan Bay

Dingalan, Aurora

Dingalan Bay is located in Barangay Tanawan, Dingalan, Aurora and is home to Dingalan White Beach and Dingalan Bay View Site. "Tanawan," as the place is called, means "viewsite." Upon approaching the border of Dingalan and Nueva Ecija, one passes through an area sloping upwards. At its peak is Dingalan Bay View Site. Undeveloped, except for a solitary nipa hut and several electric poles, the area ...

provides fantastic view of the town and the blue bay, as well as the green mountains and the igneous rock formations.

Dingalan Bay is a total contrast from the hot, dry and brown environment of Nueva Ecija. One would be amazed by the almost sudden emergence of greenery that overlooks Dingalan upon reaching the Bay View Site. Dingalan Bay View Site is a perfect place for photography and picnicking.

Dingalan Bay News

  • Dingalan, Travel Guide

    Dingalan, Travel Guide

    Dingalan! A town resided at the southern tip of Aurora province, boasts with several caves, beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rough sea, and very high waves which is ideal for surfing, makes it a popular weekend escape in Central Luzon.

  • Dingalan Aurora Philippines: A Weekend Escape To Paradise

    This video gives you a glimpse of Dingalan Aurora Philippines.

    Located in the eastern part of the Central Luzon region facing the roaring Pacific Ocean.

    From the cliffside hills that resemble those in Batanes to the jagged and rocky southern coastline.

    This paradise is Ragged and rustic, wild and treacherous, the beautiful landscape of Dingalan evokes different feels.

  • Dingalan Aurora - Philippines Travel

    3 days and 3 nights at Aurora province with my cousins for the holy week most recommended place to go if you like multiple adventure so clear your schedule and have fun.!

  • Aurora Province: Dingalan Fun Hike With Tripkada

    Aurora Province: Dingalan Fun Hike With Tripkada

    Arms outstretched channeling Edmond Dantes staring at freedom following his escape from his dungeon, I regaled at the sight of the Philippine Sea while listening to its crashing waves mimicking a melodic environment symphony. In this southernmost tip of Aurora Province, I stood awestruck on a rock fronting a stunning landscape of rolling terrain fringed with cliff-side hills. I wanted to scream but instead, I reckoned the hissing winds sounded better in lieu of a yell of exuberance.

  • Batanes Of The East - Dingalan Aurora

    Known as the Batanes of the East, Dingalan boasts natural wonders mountain peaks, waterfalls, cave and rivers! Dingalan was unexpectedly captivating, all waiting to be explored.

  • Dingalan Aurora: A QuickTravel Guide For Your First Visit

    Dingalan Aurora: A QuickTravel Guide For Your First Visit

    Dingalan is NOT the Batanes of the East.

    If you are looking for a jam-packed adventure, I recommend you to visit this stunning destination.