Dinadiawan Beach

Dipaculao, Aurora

Dinadiawan Beach is located along the Dicadi Highway in Dipaculao, Aurora. Dinadiawan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Aurora, with a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean, the lush, diverse forests of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and the rock formation along the shoreline. And, Dinadiawan Beach is resort-free.

Dinadiawan Beach News

  • Dinadiawan Beach Resorts Hotels - Dipaculao Aurora

    Dinadiawan Beach Resorts Hotels - Dipaculao Aurora

    Dinadiawan Beach in Dipaculao, Aurora is a laid-back white sand beach that's one hour drive away from Baler. It's a great place to escape and relax if you're already exhausted from surfing the large waves of Sabang Beach. The waves here are much gentler and peaceful. Perhaps because of the protection of a nearby extension land in Casiguran. This extension land is positioned in front of Dinadiawan blocking the large waves coming from the open sea.

  • Sand And Star:s DIY Budget Travel Guide And Everything You Need To Know Before Your Visit

    Sand And Star:s DIY Budget Travel Guide And Everything You Need To Know Before Your Visit

    A world dominated by skyscrapers and the continuously evolving technology can sometimes become suffocating and this fast pace life can get to a point where it become a bit too much. The routine could get us burning out and the only way to go is to slow down. There'll be moments in our lives that we need a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and we all know that the best therapy our bodies and souls needed can only be provided by nature. But not all of us is up to the arduous task of hiking a mountain. Not to mention the heavy backpack and hours of hiking long distances. It's a fact ...

  • Why You Will Fall In Love With Dinadiawan Beach

    Why You Will Fall In Love With Dinadiawan Beach

    As we have already explored, the Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful and pure beaches in the world. From overnight camping right on the sand and under the stars, exploring rock formations and hiking mountains on castaway islands, snorkeling and discovering an endless array of underwater treasures, Filipino beaches are unlike any other beach in the world.

  • Waves Of Aurora Philippines

    So uhm our family took advantage of long weekend last week April 28, 29, and 30. because my brother have school that is the free time of mah kuya bc their last day is on last week of may. Busy of that long weekend, many families took advantage of it too!!! all hotels are booked but luckily we found one! the hotel's still under construction and unknown actually it is not an actual hotel, bc we stayed in small kubo (nipa hut) and rented a tent but it was ok tho and it was memorable because we had fun, it is my first time sleeping on a tent (it is so hoooooooot AF) and had a looooooooong road tri ...

  • Sand And Stars Resort Dinadiawan Beach

    Sand And Stars Resort Dinadiawan Beach

    At first, we were looking for a beach which is not too crowded, we tried checking some blog sites, thereafter, upon reviewing the different beaches from the said blog sites, I have seen that the Sand and Stars Resort has the best review so far, as such, since we also want to experience glamping and outdoor bonding, we tried to study about how to travel to Aurora province going to the said resort.

    The place is really stunning, adding to it the location of the resort where you can witness the sunrise and the sunset as it was in middle of the mountains. It gives a feeling of being isolated for ...

  • Dinadiawan Aurora Beach Close To Home

    Dinadiawan Aurora Beach Close To Home

    I have been to quite a number of beaches in 2015 but when I had the chance for one last hirit (Filipino slang which connotes 'more wanting'), I spent time on a secluded one closer to home. It was an overnight trip but most of what I did were packed during the day ??" from lazy people-watching, moments of wading and what to me is this crazy loooong walk from almost end-to-end of this long strip of sand.

    My only time to rest was during sunset until it was dark and cloudplay was over. After that, I slept for almost 12 hours (!) which equals to about 5 regular days. Then in all my groggy in the ...