Diguisit Beach Rocks

Baler, Aurora

Diguisit Beach Rocks or Digisit Beach is located in Baler, Aurora. The upper landward shore is mostly sand while the water shores are barricades of corals forming a protective reef that prevents strong waves of the Pacific from smashing onto the shore. The area is good for diving, and during calmer months, for snorkeling.

Diguisit Beach Rocks or Digisit Beach News

  • Things To See And Do In Baler Aurora Philippines

    Things To See And Do In Baler Aurora Philippines

    It was another great weekend that I decided to join the Top View Philippines 2 days 1-night tour to Baler trip.

  • Baler: Serene Weekend At LSirene Boutique Resort

    Baler: Serene Weekend At LSirene Boutique Resort

    It was more than 13 years ago when I first set foot in Aurora. It was an exciting road trip with friends. From Manila, we drove through the Sierra Madre mountains down to Baler. Though I am fully aware of the surfing scene boom and the growing development of the province, I only got the chance to go back this early September when I chanced upon a good getaway deal at Deal Grocer for a three days and two nights stay at L?Sirene Boutique Resort in Baler. The resort looked hip and stylish, and the remote location made it even more appealing to me. It would make an ideal base for exploration and r ...

  • Baler Travel 2018: 2D1N Budget Itinerary

    Baler Travel 2018: 2D1N Budget Itinerary

    Baler is located in the province of Aurora, the Philippines, approximately 231 kilometers (144 mi) north-east of Metro Manila. The province is home to numerous surfing spots but municipality of Baler is the most visited destination. In fact, it has become one of the Philippines top surfing spots and is like a second home for Manila-based surfers. The place offers the most accessible surfing area with good accommodation, Sabang beach that's ideal for beginners.

  • Road Trip To The Surf Capital Of The Philippines, Baler Aurora

    Being dubbed as the birth place of surfing in the Philippines, Baler offers great surfing waves and is an ideal surf spot as it is a road trip away from Manila. Aside from surfing, there are many other things to do in Baler. The town has a rich history, and there are different historical landmarks in the area. Baler is also filled with many beautiful nature spots which you can explore on a day trip. These include:
    - Century old Balete tree
    - Diguisit beach, rock formations and waterfalls
    - Ermita Hill
    - Ditumabo mother falls
    - Baler hanging bridge
    - Quezon's rest house
    - Quezon memoria ...

  • Baler Aurora Travel Guide

    Baler Aurora Travel Guide

    For years, I've had it on my bucket list to visit Baler, Aurora. The only thing that really stopped me was that I used to think it's too far up in the north like Pagudpud, Ilocos. What convinced me to make the trip? There was a span of time when my feed was being flooded with photos of my friends who've been to Baler. That's when I finally made up my mind. It's time to go. Besides, it's been too long since my friend, Ate Kwin, invited me to her province. Baler unquestionably deserves a place on your list of go-to places to satisfy your beach cravings this summer.


  • Baler Beckons

    Baler Beckons

    The town of Baler in the Province of Aurora was placed under the spotlight when a movie, bearing the same title, was shot in this location. Apart from its colorful history, it is the raging seas and the turbulent waves coming from the Pacific Ocean that make Baler a surfer's paradise.

    Getting to Baler from Manila would take about six or more hours. I made a trip there with my former teammates in my previous work, and we left Manila at midnight, going through winding roads at the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, onto a narrow pass at the Canili and Diayo Dams, and arrived at Costa Pacifica, whic ...