Dicasalarin Cove

Baler, Aurora

Dicasalarin Cove Beach is located in Baler, Aurora. A place of multiple attractions, this natural cove boasts of a kilometer-long white sand beach. On the left side is a steep imposing hill while on the right side is a peninsula and a cave. Each attraction is ideal for various recreational activities.

Dicasalarin Cove is a secluded white sand beach where the verdant Sierra Madre fo ...

othills meet the Pacific Ocean. Dark, thickly forested hills contrast with the striking white shoreline. There are no resorts, no facilities on this fine stretch of sand.

A freshwater river, flowing from the mountains beyond, trickles out to the sea. Dicasalarin Cove's stunning beauty and relative isolation certainly make it one of Baler's best kept secrets.

Dicasalarin Cove Beach News

  • Baler, Aurora: Travel Guide And Sample Itinerary

    Baler, Aurora: Travel Guide And Sample Itinerary

    One of Luzon's hidden gems, Baler in Aurora Province is dubbed as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines, it was first known for its waves that can reach up to 2.7 meters (9 feet) tall.

  • Dicasalarin Cove Baler Aurora Philippines

    Discover the hidden gem of Baler

    2wheels and 4wheels are welcome.

    Make sure na nakacondition mga sasakyan at matarik ang daan papunta dito.

    300php per head entrance fee.
    60php parking fee.
    Restaurant available.
    Lodging available.
    Public shower available.
    Half basketball court available.

  • Travelogue Baler, Quezon

    Travelogue Baler, Quezon

    Haler Baler! We screamed after 10 hours of traffic from Edsa to Aurora, Quezon. This past Labour Day weekend our family decided to go somewhere, it was a pretty late decision since we only have a day to look where to go. And we decided to go a bit farther this time since we already explored most of Batangas and Zambales, and baler was the perfect destination for us, as well as the whole of manila. We went on a road trip to Baler, normally it would only take 6 to 8 hours of drive from Laguna to Aurora, Quezon, but because of the holiday everybody went on vacation and so traffic is understandabl ...

  • My Spontaneous Trip To Dicasalarin Cove In Baler Aurora

    My Spontaneous Trip To Dicasalarin Cove In Baler Aurora

    A year ago today, I received two news, one good and one demoralizing. The good news: we already have our 13th-month pay. The other news: something about employee status that Im not going to give details about anymore. Thing is, it made me feel really bad that it affected my mood the whole day. I wanted to forget about it so I texted my Egyptian friend if he wants to hang out that night but he was feeling lazy and asked if we could do it the next day instead. His reply saddened me even more so I decided to spend the weekend in Baler. After work, I prepared my stuff and at midnight I was on a bu ...

  • Activities Near Baler To Fuel Your Wanderlust

    Activities Near Baler To Fuel Your Wanderlust

    We all love Baler. The long stretch of Sabang Beach, mountain-cool waters of Mother Falls, and laid-back vibes of the town has long enticed surfers and non-surfers alike. But it turns out that Baler is only one gem in Aurora provinces crown. Just a few hours away are several activities near Baler you can take while you're in the area. They're just as scenic, maybe even more exciting, and a unique glimpse into a place we all know and love.

  • Dicasalarin Cove-A Piece Of Baler For Non Surfers

    Dicasalarin Cove-A Piece Of Baler For Non Surfers

    The first time I visited Baler, I knew I'd be back to surf. Never did I imagine that I'd return for so much more. That's the thing with Baler, much of its reputation is hinged on surfing. Non-surfers are quick to dismiss it because they are unable to justify the 5-6 hour trip from Manila. But after seeing Dicasalarin Cove, I knew this place would at the very least convince my friends to reconsider Baler.

    Dicasalarin Cove is just 30 min. away from Sabang beach and it goes right to the top of my must-visit places in Baler. Getting there by car is easy ??" secure a gate pass from Costa Pacific ...