Dibut Bay

San Luis, Aurora

Dibut Bay is located in Dibut, San Luis, Aurora. The wide Dibut Bay coast affords numerous sights-island formations, peninsulas, short stretches of beaches, and imposing cliffs. One formation, appropriately named "Birhen" (meaning "virgin"), resembles the Virgin Mary praying amidst the waves.

Since Dibut Bay is not a favored spot for the fishing industry, tourists may catch a glimp ...

se of the magnificent Hammerhead shark and Mako shark. For diving enthusiasts, moreover, Dibut Bay is the perfect place to test out your latest flip.

Dibut Bay News

  • Aurora Surfers Paradise

    Aurora Surfers Paradise

    The province of Aurora got its name from the lady-love and wife of President Manuel Quezon. As a destination throve of gems yet to be unearthed, it holds special spot in the country's ecological map as one of the last frontiers of Central Luzon. It still enjoys the magnificence brought about by the 70 percent forest cover and 328 kilometers of pure coast.

    Baler, the province's capital, is known for a historical siege and killer waves. Record reveals that the town served as a backdrop of the Siege of Baler.

    At present, Baler is highly-regarded as a surfer's paradise. The most popular is S ...

  • Eight Years After

    Eight Years After

    In my younger life, I was captivated by a paradise. Beautiful mountains with eagle soaring high, rain forest, waterfalls and the fresh scent of the forest ground, colorful birds, frogs and insects makes a rhythm sound. Large indigenous trees almost as high as fifteen feet tall, wide trunk surrounded by ferns, moss and other endemic plants. Different sun birds playing at the canopy, tree top flowers in yellow, red, purple and orange. What more, the blue-green waters of ocean and clear blue sky that lighten my emotions and thoughts. We play kayak in the clear river where lots of school of fish j ...

  • Nature Areas and Beaches

    Nature Areas and Beaches

    Ampere Beach

    Location: Ampere, Dipaculao

    Getting There: From Baler town proper, take a tricycle going to Sabang Beach. From there, hire a motorized banca and ask to be taken to the site.

    Travel Time: One hour

    This beach is covered with smooth rocks of various sizes and darker color. This beach is an area called Bunga Point or Ampere Point, where local residents flock to Okotan Cave, a time-honored locale for forecasting the weather. The Pacific waves, upon hitting the shoreline cave, produce an explosion, the intensity of which, according to local lore, determines the intensity of ...

  • The Splendid Dibut Bay

    The Splendid Dibut Bay

    Dibut Bay and adjacent Diotorin Beach lie within the 247-square kilometer beach area of San Luis. They are home to exotic marine species and breathtaking coral gardens that will surely delight snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. In addition, peninsulas and cliffs are formed by tidal actions along the coast, creating impressive silhouettes especially at dusk. One prominent formation is called Birhen because it resembles the image of Virgin Mary praying amidst the crushing of waves onto dramatic rock formations.

    Dibut Bay is made even more significant by the fact that it was the landing site o ...