Cobra Reef

Baler, Aurora

Cobra Reef is located in Baler, Aurora. The area produces excellent right-break waves over sharp reefs. It is one of the spots most frequented by Australians, Europeans, and Japanese surfers in Aurora.

Cobra Reef News

  • Soul Surfers In Baler Part 1

    Soul Surfers In Baler Part 1

    They say people get emotional when their birthdays are coming near. Last year, it was proven to me. I was depressed. My goals were blurry. My people were busy. And I can't seem to feel my worth. I hid it. Because I am supposed to be Mr. Optimistic and I should chase silver linings. Maybe it was about work. Maybe it was about relationship. Whatever it was, I needed to breathe.

    It was November and my travel squad was planning to go on another adventure. No matter how busy my schedule was, and no matter how broke I was, I said go. That was exactly what I needed.

    It was Mark who usually orga ...

  • Top 5 Things To Do In Baler Aurora

    Top 5 Things To Do In Baler Aurora

    Baler in Aurora Province is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Luzon with its beautiful place, very friendly vibe, rich culture and famous surfing spots. It is located around 230 kilometers northeast of Manila. Baler is well known for its surfing spot in Sabang beach, but there are more things that you can do in Baler. So here's a list that I made which has my top 5 things that you can do in Baler. Mind you they are not in order.

    # 1 ??" Surf to Sabang Beach

    Baler is well known as one of the surfing spots in Luzon. There are a lot of surf spots that offers all kinds of waves ...

  • Diguisit beach The Rocky Paradise of Baler Aurora

    Diguisit beach The Rocky Paradise of Baler Aurora

    Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora and situated two-hundred-thirty kilometers northeast of Manila. It hosts some of the spectacular geographic landscapes and is located on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay. Last 2009, Google identified Baler as the top beach destination in the Philippines and it was reported by Yahoo! Southeast Asia as one of the 'top surf spots' in the Philippines.

    Diguisit Beach is one of the famous surf spots in Baler; it is situated on Baler Bay along the Cemento Beach. The place features beautiful rock formations with perfect scenery of the clear blue ...

  • Ang Pinaka Fun tastic Places and Activities in Baler

    Ang Pinaka Fun tastic Places and Activities in Baler

    Baler is a go-to destination for wave riders. But what else is there to do in Baler aside from surf As the staff of "Ang Pinaka" discovered??"plenty! Check out the show's list of fun-tastic activities you should try in Baler:

    Culture vulture

    Pasalubong Center/Sabutan Weaving
    Baler Public Market Compound

    The Pasalubong Center is a one-stop shop for your Baler souvenirs: t-shirts, handicrafts, homemade sweets and delicacies, and woven Sabutan products. Sabutan is a pandan-like plant that grows in the forests of Baler. The fiber is used in weaving mats, baskets, hats, bags, slippers, a ...

  • Pipe Master Challenge Cobra reef surfing Aurora Philippines

    Pipe Master Challenge Cobra reef surfing.

    Location: Baler, Aurora, Philippines

  • Camping and Surfing at Sabang Beach Baler Aurora

    Camping and Surfing at Sabang Beach Baler Aurora

    Baler Tourism Coordinator Riza del Rosario sadly informed us that there wasn't any accommodation available whatsoever for us, at least for this day. I wasn't surprised as it was the holidays and Baler was packed with tourists. Anticipating this, I brought along my new Coleman 5-pax tent which I received last Christmas. It measures 3 m. by 3 m. and has a 1.83 m. head clearance, convenient if you need to stand up while dressing. From the town proper, I first drove to the Hanging Bridge at Brgy. Zabali where my 4 companions gamely crossed to the other side. Motion sickness, caused by the swa ...