Cemento Beach Surfing

Baler, Aurora

Cemento Beach and Reef is located in Baler, Aurora. White sand, seashells, and crushed corals are found along the stretch of Cemento Beach.

The waters are ideal for expert/professional surfers as the waves are of the right-hand break type. It is also suitable for body boarding, snorkeling and diving.

Cemento Beach Surfing News

  • The First-Timers Guide To The Country Best Surfing Spot In Philippines

    The Philippines is home to almost 7,500 beautiful islands, blessing locals and foreigners alike with numerous beach getaways and adventures to choose from. And with that comes the equally exciting fact that a lot of these places offer spectacular waves perfect for every surfing enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or pro, the Philippines boasts a long list of surfing destinations for you from Luzon to Mindanao.

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  • Travel Guide Baler Birthplace Of Philippine Surfing

    Travel Guide Baler Birthplace Of Philippine Surfing

    Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora in the Philippines. It is located on the northeastern portion of Luzon on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay, an extension of the Philippine Sea. It is known as the "Birthplace of Philippine Surfing" as waves as high as nine feet serves as its main tourist asset for surfing from September to February. It is also home to some magnificent geographic formations and historical sites.

    Most Popular Spots In Baler

    Sabang Beach: Fun waves-not usually big, except during typhoons. The beach is a good site for beginner and novice surfers.

    Cemento ...

  • Cemento Beach Cobra Reef And Lukso Lukso Islets Of Baler Aurora

    Cemento Beach Cobra Reef And Lukso Lukso Islets Of Baler Aurora

    There was this old story about two gods who became angry with one another and so they quarreled on a particular day. One god picked up stones and rocks and remolded it. After molding the rocks, he threw it to his enemy. The other god did the same too. But when they threw their rocks to one another, it was miraculous that they do not even hit them. They were all missed. Thus, the existence of several hills, a thousand in actual, scattered around the island. Nope, that wasn't the story of Cemento Beach, Cobra Reef nor the Lukso-Lukso Islets.

    A goddess was the one to take care of the bay. She ...

  • I left my heart in Baler

    Baler is provincial capital of Aurora. It is one of the "top surf spots" in the Philippines.

    Must See Tourist spots:
    Baler Bay
    Aniao Islets
    Cemento Beach and Cobra Reef
    Dimadimalangat and Luksu-lukso Islets
    Ditumabo/ Mother falls
    Ermita Hill
    Sabang Beach
    Dicasalarin Beach/Cove - only few tourist actually visits this place as it is quite far from the Town Proper, but I would strongly suggest this Cove! You wont regret it, I swear!!!

  • 9th Aurora Surfing Challenge

    9th Aurora Surfing Challenge

    Witness the Philippines' best surf athletes as they come together in this annual surf event in Baler, Aurora. Mark your calendars this coming February 5-9, 2015, as Aurora Surfriders Association Inc. and the Province of Aurora with the cooperation of Tourism of Aurora presents, The 9th Aurora Surfing Challenge. An action packed surfing competition in the famous Sabang beach and Cemento Reef in Baler, Aurora.

    The Aurora Surfrider Association, Inc.(ASRAI) is a group of organized surfers from Baler in cooperation with the Aurora Tourism office. will be holding our annual surfing competition en ...

  • A Surfing Destination Found by Hollywood

    A Surfing Destination Found by Hollywood

    Baler's reputation as a surfing destination emerged in the wake of filming Apocalypse Now - when Robert Duvall's Lt. Col. Kilgore marveled at the quality of the local surfing (as the scent of napalm filled the air), he was really pointing to Baler, where the movie was shot.

    When the film crew completed filming and departed, they left the surf boards behind, the locals learned to use them, and a new tourism attraction was born!

    Baler, Aurora has a long coastline facing the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean where typhoons usually make landfall. The waves are calm in the summer, but usuall ...