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  • Casapsapan Beach Casiguran Aurora

    A fine white beach located at the boundary of Casiguran and Dilasag,Aurora Province.Aminities are not yet well stablished.Some homestay are sprouting along the beach.One of the nearest homestay/resort is of former Dilasag mayor Briones located at barangay Deniog Dilasag just 5 kms from Casapsapan but Dilasag has also fine white beach.

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  • Drone Footage Of Casapsapan Beach

    8-9hr trip via Aurora National Park. The Drone Footage of Casapsapan Beach located in the municipality of Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines.

  • Casiguran a Mighty Design By Nature

    Casiguran a Mighty Design By Nature

    About four hours from Baler, in the Philippines' province of Aurora, is a place called Sitio Dalugan in Bgy. San Ildefonso, town of Casiguran (the closest airport is Manila). Going up the winding mountain trail, the weary traveller is treated to an ever-changing scenery ??" lush forests, stretches of green paddy fields and the shimmering royal blue of the Pacific.

    Protected by a natural cove that stretches as far as the eye can see, the area is inhabited mostly by the Agta Dumagat, the indigenous people who live in the shelter of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range.

    The Agta Dumagat ...

  • Casapsapan Beach a Hidden Paradise

    Casapsapan Beach a Hidden Paradise

    Last summer, there was never a day where I dreamt of finally hitting the beach. While we sulk into our warm homes and cope with the busy and indeterminate schedule of Boboy, we enjoyed every single bit of it. We just wished for a wonderful time when we will discover a new place to set our foot on.

    It was when we went to the countryside where we celebrated the son's 4th birthday that the locals toured us around the area. According to them, they have lots of wonderful beaches to boast and we should go to their so-called paradise comparable to the famous Boracay beach.

    Casapsapan Beach has ...

  • Casapsapan Beach 2010

    Fine white sand, crystal clear water, virgin beaches. Paradise Undiscovered!

  • Casapsapan Beach

    Casapsapan Beach

    If there is one thing you should visit in Aurora, it is the Casapsapan Beach that is famous for its unbeatable white sand and crystal clear waters which will truly take your breath away. Do you want to know why this beach is sometimes dubbed as Manila Bay?

    If Manila Bay has its vaunted golden sunset, Casapsapan Beach in Brgy. Ildefonso, Casiguran, Aurora, offers a magnificent view of the brilliant sunrise where one can watch the sun rising slowly from the eastern horizon almost as big as winnower. Its inherent and idyllic beauty such as the white sand beaches, clear-blue sparkling waters, a ...