Casapsapan Beach

Casiguran, Aurora

Casapsapan Beach in Brgy. Ildefonso, Casiguran, Aurora. It is a magnificent view of the brilliant sunrise where one can watch the sun rising slowly from the eastern horizon almost as big as winnower. Its inherent and idyllic beauty such as the white sand beaches, clear-blue sparkling waters, and five hectares of virgin mangrove offers everyone extreme pleasure and blissful satisfaction. You can ex ...

perience the feeling of not wanting to leave the place anymore.

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  • Exploring Casiguran: Auroras Hidden Haven Of Nature

    Exploring Casiguran: Auroras Hidden Haven Of Nature

    Aurora has been a constant go-to place of many people who are either on a long vacation or just wanting to escape for a short but good time. Baler is a haven for surfers while Dingalan is a sanctuary for stunning landscapes. But one place in Aurora hasnt been explored by many people yet because of its location: Casiguran. One of the northernmost municipalities in the said province, Casiguran is about 200 km away from Manila. There are no direct ways of going there, but ever since Baler became a popular travel site, going to Casiguran isnt as hard as before. While you can go here using your own ...

  • Casapsapan Beach Casiguran Aurora

    A fine white beach located at the boundary of Casiguran and Dilasag,Aurora Province.Aminities are not yet well stablished.Some homestay are sprouting along the beach.One of the nearest homestay/resort is of former Dilasag mayor Briones located at barangay Deniog Dilasag just 5 kms from Casapsapan but Dilasag has also fine white beach.

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  • Drone Footage Of Casapsapan Beach

    8-9hr trip via Aurora National Park. The Drone Footage of Casapsapan Beach located in the municipality of Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines.

  • Casapsapan Beach In Casiguran Aurora

    Casapsapan Beach In Casiguran Aurora

    Location: Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran Aurora, Philippines

    A long stretch of fine whitish sand, not as fine as Boracay, but nevertheless fine enough to find its way up my cracks. There is a big table coral right by the beach which is exposed during low tide. I wasn't able to do any snorkeling yet as I was pretty busy capturing the view.

    There is a little bit of current, so swim with care and do not venture out further than you physical abilities. Even if you are a good swimmer, chances are you will drown if you get caught in a strong current. No need to worry though, the shoreline is so ...

  • Aurora Province Casiguran To Baler

    Aurora Province Casiguran To Baler

    Yung biglaang lakad talaga ang kadalansang natutuloy. Katie (Always Wandering) invited me for a Aurora weekend getaway. I was figuring out whether I wanted a climb (mountain) or a beach, but then again the Dyesabel in me screams for tubig-alat (ha-ha).

    This trip was one of those I called "lazy" getaways. No rush. No strict itineraries to follow. Eto 'yung lakad na parang wala lang. Makalaboy lang ;p

    Assembly time was 1AM at Genesis Transport in Cubao. We would like to catch Joy Bus, the first class couch service of Genesis, but we were told that the earliest available time going to Bale ...

  • Casapsapan Beach a Hidden Paradise

    Casapsapan Beach a Hidden Paradise

    Last summer, there was never a day where I dreamt of finally hitting the beach. While we sulk into our warm homes and cope with the busy and indeterminate schedule of Boboy, we enjoyed every single bit of it. We just wished for a wonderful time when we will discover a new place to set our foot on.

    It was when we went to the countryside where we celebrated the son's 4th birthday that the locals toured us around the area. According to them, they have lots of wonderful beaches to boast and we should go to their so-called paradise comparable to the famous Boracay beach.

    Casapsapan Beach has ...