Borlongan Beach

Dipaculao, Aurora

Borlongan Beach is located in Dipaculao, Aurora. The place differs from most beaches since its beachfront is almost completely covered with gray pebbles and fist-size stones - all smoothened by the waves that constantly pound its shore.

Borlongan Beach News

  • Nature Areas and Beaches

    Nature Areas and Beaches

    Ampere Beach

    Location: Ampere, Dipaculao

    Getting There: From Baler town proper, take a tricycle going to Sabang Beach. From there, hire a motorized banca and ask to be taken to the site.

    Travel Time: One hour

    This beach is covered with smooth rocks of various sizes and darker color. This beach is an area called Bunga Point or Ampere Point, where local residents flock to Okotan Cave, a time-honored locale for forecasting the weather. The Pacific waves, upon hitting the shoreline cave, produce an explosion, the intensity of which, according to local lore, determines the intensity of ...

  • Aurora Province

    Aurora Province

    The province of Aurora is situated on the eastern-central side of the Luzon Island, the largest of the three main Philippine Islands. To its north are the provinces of Quirino and Isabela; on the west are Nueva Viscaya and Nueva Ecija; on the south are Quezon and Bulacan; and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

    Aurora's overall land area covers about 1% of the Philippines' total land area.

    Because of its remote setting, Aurora is predominantly rural. Despite its huge land area, population is just at about 180,000, the fifth lowest in the entire Philippines. There are about 246 recreational f ...

  • Visiting a sister city

    The members of the City Council travelled on Sunday to its sister city Dipaculao, Aurora to meet with their counterparts in what is expected to be a joint legislative session.

    According to the web, Dipaculao is a 4th class municipality in the province of Aurora, which, according to census in 2010, has a population of more than 27,000 people. The municipality itself was created in 1950 and the natives of the town are Ilocanos and Tagalogs.

    As to its geographical location, Dipaculao shares its boundary with the municipality of Dinalungan and the municipality of Baler. The Northwest Dipacul ...

  • A Very Irresistible Province

    A Very Irresistible Province

    The province of Aurora is an exciting getaway for the weary traveler, a feast for the eyes as it showcases fine white sand, clear seawater, and a breathtaking view of the province from the shore. For people whose bodies and spirits have become weary and sore from the hustle and bustle of city life and work, I came up with some reasons why Aurora might be one of the perfect getaways for you to soothe all those aches and pains.

    Tourism in the Philippines is one of the main economic contributors to the economy.

    Embrace the Ditumabo Falls ??" San Luis, Aurora

    Located within the 4,587.5 he ...

  • Driving to the beaches up North

    Driving to the beaches up North

    If you feel that you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, here's how to put a little bit of perspective to where you are in the scheme of things: look out into the ocean and imagine yourself swimming in the middle of the vast blue expanse.

    You are but a tiny speck. A microscopic dot of a microscopic dot in a solar system at the far corner of the universe.

    Driving for two hours to Aurora's northern parts, you could choose among several beaches from which you could carry on with your existentialist thoughts. But if I were you, I would just enjoy the fantastic view.

    Amp ...