Benham Rise Plateau


Benham Plateau also known as the Benham Rise, is a 13 million hectare under sea region east of Luzon and is 35 meters underwater at its shallowest point off the provinces of Aurora and Isabela. It is delimited by the West Philippine Basin to the north and east.

It is a seismically active undersea region and extinct volcanic ridge east of the Philippines, in the Philippine Sea whic ...

h lies a number of Basins including the West Philippine Basin of which inside the Basin is located the Central Basin Fault.

Benham Rise Plateau News

  • Protecting Our Seas

    Protecting Our Seas

    I didn't know that Manila Bay is rich in sardines, and neither did I know that our country is declared by scientists as -center of the center of marine biodiversity because of its rich marine life on a per hectare basis. Unfortunately, this marine "wealth" is rapidly getting lost due to overfishing and illegal fishing.

    These interesting facts I learned when my friends and I had a leisurely lunch with the officers of Oceana Philippines, an agency that works to restore our fisheries abundance through sustainable management interventions. Established in 2014, it bats for the strong enforcement ...

  • Philippines Protects Deep-Sea Corals Bluefin Tuna And More With Benham Bank Marine Protected Area

    Philippines Protects Deep-Sea Corals Bluefin Tuna And More With Benham Bank Marine Protected Area

    After advocacy by Oceana and its allies, the Philippines government has created a new marine protected area in Benham Bank, declaring 50,000 hectares as a strict protection zone and an additional 300,000 hectares as a Fisheries Management Area. This declaration will help protect marine life, including mesophotic (deep-sea) coral reefs, whales, dolphins, sharks, rays and sea turtles. The area is also a spawning area for Pacific bluefin tuna, one of the most expensive fish on Earth.

    Oceana Senior Advisor Alexandra Cousteau, who visited the region in 2016, called Benham Bank a "treasure" and u ...

  • Dancing Sharks Herald Philippine Rise Protection

    Dancing Sharks Herald Philippine Rise Protection

    A hundred dancers and three shark mascots staged a flash mob at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on May 21 to celebrate the proclamation declaring portions of the Philippine Rise as protected areas.

    President Duterte issued the landmark environmental policy by declaring more than 350,000 hectares of the Philippine Rise as a marine resource reserve under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (Nipas) Act. Almost 50,000 hectares of the marine reserve was declared as a strict-protection zone, where only scientific research is allowed.

    "The Philippine Rise represents our hope for a su ...

  • PH Rise Now Protected Area

    PH Rise Now Protected Area

    President Rodrigo Duterte has declared portions of Philippine Rise (Benham Rise) and Eastern Kalayaan as protected areas.

    Duterte signed the proclamation on board BRP Davao del Sur to mark the first anniversary of his renaming the underwater land mass to signify the country's sovereign rights over the resource-rich region.

    In his speech, Duterte announced his formal declaration of parts of the Philippine Rise undersea feature as a Marine Resource Reserve.

    "Around 50,000 hectares of the Philippine Rise shall become a Strict Protection Zone limited to scientific studies at this time onl ...

  • Oceana Welcomes Marine Research Offer On PH Rise

    Oceana, an international organization focused solely on conservation of the oceans, has welcomed the offer of Silliman University in Dumaguete City to participate in the marine research in the Philippine Rise, previously known as Benham Rise.

    Danny Ocampo, oceans campaign manager of Oceana-Philippines, on Tuesday evening, March 20, expressed gratitude to the offer made by Dr. Hilconida Calumpong of the Silliman University's Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (SU-IEMS) during the opening of the Philippine Rise exhibit at the university.

    "I think it is important for research to ...

  • Tuna-rich Philippine Rise Seen To Boost Food Security

    The Department of Agriculture is pushing for the conservation of Philippine Rise, an undersea region east of Luzon, for it to be a rich food source for Filipinos.

    "We are advocating the declaration of the Philippine Rise as a Protected Food Supply Exclusive Zone," Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said in his keynote speech at the 14th Regular Session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) on Sunday.

    Formerly known as the Benham Rise, the Philippine Rise is a 24.4 million hectare marine paradise that lies under the migration path of important tuna species incl ...