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    One hundred twenty years ago, the Philippines and Spain became friends when they should have been enemies. And this historical circumstance happened in Baler.

    Baler, the capital of Aurora province, is famous for its waves that are the altar of many surfers. Its beautiful beaches and resorts are world famous, too.

    But Baler in itself is a historical altar that needs to be revisited if only to inculcate patriotism in one?s heart. Written records say that on June 27, 1898, 15 days after the Philippine Independence was proclaimed, ?54 Spanish soldiers of the Baler garrison, under the command ...

  • A Mini Baler Travel Guide

    A Mini Baler Travel Guide

    Roughly 5-7 hours away from Manila, Baler is a surf town but it has more to offer than that. It's a place that non-surfers like me can enjoy.

  • Baler Surfer Breaks Barriers Despite Disability

    Baler Surfer Breaks Barriers Despite Disability

    Harry Marzan, a 30-year-old surfer in Baler town in Aurora province, carefully paddled a few meters toward the beach break. He bobbed on the water in his swimming shorts and rashguard until a good wave showed up.

    Fo Marzan, the first sight of the wave always served as an invitation. He dropped in, took off, and then rode the pretty barrel of wave along the coast of Sabang Beach in Baler, dancing with the ocean as if he were part of it.

    Marzan clearly stood out among the hundreds of novice and seasoned surfers at the beach. But it was not only because of his close-to-perfect ride. He mana ...

  • Dicasalarin Cove-A Piece Of Baler For Non Surfers

    Dicasalarin Cove-A Piece Of Baler For Non Surfers

    The first time I visited Baler, I knew I'd be back to surf. Never did I imagine that I'd return for so much more. That's the thing with Baler, much of its reputation is hinged on surfing. Non-surfers are quick to dismiss it because they are unable to justify the 5-6 hour trip from Manila. But after seeing Dicasalarin Cove, I knew this place would at the very least convince my friends to reconsider Baler.

    Dicasalarin Cove is just 30 min. away from Sabang beach and it goes right to the top of my must-visit places in Baler. Getting there by car is easy ??" secure a gate pass from Costa Pacific ...

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    Baler is a great tourist destination and for two days we were able to explore some wonderful natural attractions. Sabang beach is a long stretch of sandy shoreline with soft and shallow ocean bed. It is a haven for surfers and an ideal place for those who want to learn to surf. Numerous surf shops are situated along the beach. We hiked up Ermita Hills in Mt. Dibudalan at Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali. From the top of the hill, we had seen the stunning view of Baler Bay, Dima-Dimangalat and Aniao Islets. We went to a small waterfalls called Diguisit Waterfalls and enjoyed a refreshing swi ...

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    Beautiful place and Nice people #triptobaler #SurfingCapitalBaler #BalerAurora.