Baler Bay

Baler, Aurora

Baler Bay is a bay in the northeastern part of Luzon island in Baler, Aurora. It is an extension of the Philippine Sea and bordered by four municipalities of Aurora Province.

From mid September to early March, Baler Bay is known for its great surfing conditions. The movie Apocalypse Now, which was filmed there in 1976, introduced the sport to the area, and its production crew even l ...

eft behind several surfboards for the locals to use.

Since 1997, the bay has been home to the annual Aurora Surfing Cup. During the other months of the year, it is ideal for snorkeling, windsurfing and diving.

Baler Bay News

  • Baler Aurora Philippines

    Baler Aurora Philippines, Just 5 hours away from Manila.

    Dubbed as the "birthplace of surfing in the Philippines", Baler can be considered as a traveler's paradise. Gifted also with abundant beautiful natural wonders like beaches, coves, caves, waterfalls, cliffs, rock formations, and mountains.

  • Baler Surfers Will Go Where Waves Are

    Baler Surfers Will Go Where Waves Are

    Any place may claim to be a surfing capital, but surfers will go anywhere with the best waves.

    Thats the reason the Baler government in Aurora province will not contest House Bill No. 6683, passed on third reading last month, that seeks to declare La Union province as "surfing capital of Northern Luzon."

    "La Union has long been positioning itself as the "surfing capital of the North." The branding of Aurora, particularly the capital town Baler, is "Birthplace of Philippine Surfing," Michael Palispis, Aurora tourism chief, told the Inquirer by telephone.

    "When I started the program [pr ...

  • Hello Baler

    Hello Baler

    After the first two legs in Mindanao, namely Siargao and Lanuza, the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) continues the competition up north in Luzon. The municipality of Baler, Aurora has been made famous by a number of indie and mainstream films that had been filmed on location. The 2015 indie film Apocalypse Child which was shot on location in Baler, dives into the provinces laidback surf culture and gives us glimpses of Canili Dam, Secret Spot, Aniao, and Lindys Point the places one needs to visit having watched this film.

    Synonymous with surfing, Baler is a small town whose hist ...

  • Surfers Braved Big Waves At The Oakley Pro Baler Kick-off

    Surfers Braved Big Waves At The Oakley Pro Baler Kick-off

    The third Leg of Philippine Surfing Championship Tour, The Oakley Pro Baler, has commenced today in a tough 4-to-6-foot wave condition in front of Aliya Surf Camp.

    With the swell coming from the Pacific accompanied by trade wind and rain, the opening day of Oakley Pro Baler gave a rough start for the competitors.

    Hailing from Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, Sylvester Bactad, who is more accustomed to surfing beach breaks, gained enough momentum to score an average heat score of 11.5 points during his heat, one of the highest scores of the day.

    "I was only a bit nervous unlike the fi ...

  • Baler Philippines

    Baler is a great tourist destination and for two days we were able to explore some wonderful natural attractions. Sabang beach is a long stretch of sandy shoreline with soft and shallow ocean bed. It is a haven for surfers and an ideal place for those who want to learn to surf. Numerous surf shops are situated along the beach. We hiked up Ermita Hills in Mt. Dibudalan at Sitio Dicaloyungan, Barangay Zabali. From the top of the hill, we had seen the stunning view of Baler Bay, Dima-Dimangalat and Aniao Islets. We went to a small waterfalls called Diguisit Waterfalls and enjoyed a refreshing swi ...

  • Baler Aurora Trip Tips And Guide

    Baler Aurora Trip Tips And Guide

    Baler in the province of Aurora is an emerging tourist destination in the country because of its popularity as a surfing spot. Other than this, Baler also offers a piece of historic memoirs and the nearby towns offer one-of-a-kind nature trip that you might not be able to experience in other places. It is exotic and different. Baler is one of my most favorite places that I have been to in the past.

    If you plan a trip to Baler, Aurora with your family, loved ones or friends, this handful of realizations (things and tips) may be helpful to you.

    1. THE JOURNEY. We came all the way from Bagu ...