Lussok Crystal Cave

Luna, Apayao

Lussok Crystal Cave is located in Dagupan, Luna, Apayao and is considered Apayao's Hidden Treasure. This cave hides 7 spacious chambers and 27 smaller ones; each has a different tale to tell. The crystal clear underground river that runs through its chambers, passing through its opposite end and exiting through its gigantic entrance adds grandeur to this majestic gift of nature. Be amazed of the c ...

ave's countless stalactites and stalagmites carved perfectly by nature.

Lussok Crystal Cave News

  • Travel Diary Lussok Cave In Apayao

    Last May, I told one of my friends that I have few days left before going back to uni. He asked me what I want to do or where I want to go so that we can spend the rest of my summer break doing something memorable. That's when we thought of going to Lussok Cave in a nearby province called Apayao. We immediately texted our other friends and that started our getaway.

    Lussok Cave is situated in Apayao. The place is not that yet known to many but a lot of people who visit the place are from nearby towns and cities.

    The tour inside the cave was actually nice, the tour guide was funny and it d ...

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    I got back 2 months ago from a wonderful but exhausting trip to Aparri up north in the province of Cagayan Valley. We ventured into the un-touristy area of Calayan Islands – part of the Babuyan Islands. Kudos to GOPH for organizing this trip!

    The municipality of Calayan is found in the Babuyan Channel, situated in the upper northern part of Luzon and southern part of Batanes Island. It is composed of four islands, Dalupri, Camiguin, Babuyan Claro and Calayan where the municipal government is located.

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  • Exploring Luna Apayao Cordilleras Last Frontier

    Long gone was the time that when you hear about Apayao province, Kalinga will be the first to pop into your mind. Apayao, once part of the sole province of Kalinga-Apayao (now defunct), is making a name for itself. The local government of Apayao has been active during the past few years in promoting and exploring its hidden gems. According to the local dialect of the Isneg tribe, "apayao" means "negotiable river". Branded as "Cordillera's Last Frontier of Nature's Richness," you'll discover that Apayao isn't all just rivers.

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  • Waist Deep In Natures Last Frontier Apayao

    We were embarking on a journey to the last frontier. Waking up in the bus at the Northern edge of Luzon after 12 hours in a bus confirmed one nagging concern I had since even before we embarked on this trip: it had started to rain! The tourism officer warned me that the timing was less than ideal. The rainy season for the region was October to March, and it was also a New Year's Eve. In the Philippines as with most countries in Asia, New Year is a very significant event. And everyone, regardless if they have few or plenty, celebrates it.

    We arrived at the bus terminal at the town center of ...

  • Traveling Apayao Finding Out What a Landlocked Destination Has In Store

    Apayao, which means "negotiable river", lies quietly between the more progressive provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan. Historical accounts and artefacts prove that Spanish missionaries first set foot in the province in 1608. It was in the present day municipality of Pudtol that they gained foothold. But with the Isnegs' already established communities, the Spaniards could only conquer the lower part of Apayao. This is evidenced by the many church ruins in Emilia and Sta. Marcela.

    On June 18, 1966 under the Republi Act No. 4695, four separate independent provinces were created: Kalinga-Apa ...

  • A Day In The Show Window Of Apayao

    Eversince I've seen the image of Lussok Crystal Cave, the dream of going to Luna haunted me. There's something about the place that got me, something mystifying. I was fascinated and transfixed by the beautiful aura that the image radiates. I should see it by my own eyes.

    Luna is the de facto seat of government of the province of Apayao, a province under Cordillera Administrative Region. Although the town is regionally alligned with Cordillera, it is in fact generally a lowland town, bounded in the north by the town of Abulug of the province Cagayan.

    Luna and the entire province of Apaya ...