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  • LPSCs Convene To Push For CPMs Conservation

    LPSCs Convene To Push For CPMs Conservation

    Members of the Iloilo Biodiversity Partnerships Project's (BPP) Local Project Site Committee (LPSC) have recently convened and sat down with each other to seek solutions to the worsening condition of the region's natural resources and biodiversity, specifically the Central Panay Mountain Ranges (CPMR). The CPMR spans the four provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz and Iloilo.

    There are 4 BPP-LPSCs representing each province who are working hand-in-hand to protect and conserve the globally significant biodiversity of the Central Panay Mountains Range. The remaining lush forest of the CPMR is a h ...

  • Mt Igcuron Climbing The Razors Edge

    Mt Igcuron Climbing The Razors Edge

    Mountains are never to be underestimated. They have the absolute power to decide the fate of the very lives that set foot on their bosom and those who live beneath them. They have the capacity to protect, reshape, and destroy the land around them. Thus, we have high respect for these wonders of Mother Nature. Even the so-called minor peaks are not to be taken for granted. And once again, we felt and experienced the unfathomable power and majesty of the mountains when we ascended the small but dangerous Mt. Igcuron in Valderrama, Antique.

    Mt. Igcuron has always been on our sights since we st ...

  • Amazing Adventure To Mt Igcuron And Villa Valderrama Valderrama Antique Philippines

    This is our first adventure this 2016 in Valderrama, Antique, Philippines. A Hiking in Mt. Igcuron (670 masl) and a side trip in Villa Valderrama (Valderrama Mountain Resort). I hope you enjoy watching my first video. Please rate, leave comment and subscribe my channel. More adventure videos soon :)

  • Mount Igcoron in Valderrama Antique an Unexpected Trek

    Mount Igcoron in Valderrama Antique an Unexpected Trek

    Mount Igcoron in Binangonan, Valderrama, Antique is definitely one of the most beautiful mountains I have climbed. Rising at an altitude of 437 meters, it stuns everyone who visits the town of Valderrama. Rice paddies adorn the jump-off point of the mountain. The saw toothed summit(s) and the 90 degree cliffs are the prominent features of the mountain.

    It was unplanned. I never heard of Mt. Igcoron. I was a total stranger in the land I set foot on. I was in an official trip to Iloilo. I extended my trip to explore the province famous for the Kawa Hot Bath, which was the main reason of my tr ...

  • Mt Igduao To Mt Tarabgan Traverse In Valderrama Antique

    Mt Igduao To Mt Tarabgan Traverse In Valderrama Antique

    Blogger's note: In the spirit of encouraging hikers to explore more of the Philippines, we welcome "trip reports" like this one! Just share the following (1) General Itinerary (short description lang of each day, jump off points, and/or sequence of the mountains); (2) Team leader/s (3) Participants (4) Guides (5) What inspired you to do the particular? (6) What are the highlights of the trip? (7) How do you feel about the experience? And email them to

    Mt. Igduao ??" Mt. Tarabgan Traverse (870m)
    Brgy. Binanogan, Valderrama Antique

    Participants: Limuel Lajo (aut ...

  • Hornbill Calls Heard Again In Madyaas

    The distinctive calls of writhed-billed hornbills are coming back into the deep forests of the Madyaas mountain ranges in Panay.

    Colorful, playful and noisy, hornbills are among the most conspicuous local birds and were prominent in Filipino folklore.

    They once inhabited most large Philippine islands during the Ice Age, with each island having uniquely colored hornbills each believed to be distinct species.

    Today, the writhed-billed hornbill (Aceros waldeni) in Panay is virtually extinct.

    The writhed-bill hornbill is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature ...