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  • Exploring Bugtong Bato Waterfalls Antique

    Cool Down at Antique's Bugtong-Bato this Summer.

  • Experiencing Tibiao Antique Kawa Hot Bath

    Experiencing Tibiao Antique Kawa Hot Bath

    That was almost 5 PM when we arrived at Tibiao Fish Spa in Tibiao, Antique. The place is just located along the road and is perfect for any travelers who would want to stay in Antique.

    Apart from their famous Tibiao Fish Spa which uses locally bred TheraFish from Tibiao, Antique. The place has some rooms for any travelers.

    We were meet personally by no less than the Tourism Officer of Antique Flord Nicson J. Calawag and the brother of the owner of Tibiao Fish Spa. While our room is being prepared, Flord Nicson offered us some locally produced wine. We tasted the Bignay Wine which we enjo ...

  • Ultimate Guide To Visiting The Seco Island In Tibiao Antique Philippines

    Ultimate Guide To Visiting The Seco Island In Tibiao Antique Philippines

    The uninhabited Seco Island is considered as a crown jewel of the province of Antique in the Philippines, with 1.5 kilometers stretch of sand and crystal clear shallow waters. Specifically part of barangay Tibiao, this island is now dubbed as one of the best eco-heritage destinations in the country. For a day trip to this paradise, here is a guide that you can use:

    Top Things to Do on Seco Island

    This island is an ideal destination if you want to camp or have a nice day at the beach. It is perfect for enjoying the sun and communing with nature. Here are the best activities to engage in d ...

  • Cooking Yourself In Tibiao Antique

    Cooking Yourself In Tibiao Antique

    Panay Island is blessed with so much destinations ranging from mountains to beaches. But we can only do so much for a day that we have to recharge to continue our journey to enjoy our exploration in this part of the region.

    After visiting Bucari in Leon, Iloilo, my friend and I had this urge for a unique relaxation that we decided to visit Tibiao, Antique.

    Finding the place was a piece of cake as it only took us a jeep, a bus and a motorcycle to reach Brgy. Importante to where our target destination is located.

    Traveling to Tibiao was a breeze as there were no pollution that you can ...

  • Where The Mountains Meet The Sea Antique Philippines

    Where The Mountains Meet The Sea Antique Philippines

    My name is Macoy and my home province is Antique. For quite some time, Filipinos have been clueless of our province since it wasn't really well-known in terms of economic growth and tourism. It is a simple province filled with lush of forests and mountains and the deep blue hue of its beaches. When asked where our province is located, one would likely to say, it's beside Iloilo, a popular city in the Visayas, and somewhere near the global sensation, Boracay. Back then, Antique used to hide beneath the shadows of other Visayan cities and famous places like Iloilo, Boracay, and Cebu. Invincible ...

  • Experience Antique Day Trip To Seco Island

    Experience Antique Day Trip To Seco Island

    You've probably seen drone photos of it a small, elbow-shaped island surrounded by clear, green and blue waters.

    It basically looks like a clump of fine white sand dumped in the middle of the ocean, with just a handful of trees and shrubs somewhere on the side.

    The first time I saw pictures of Seco Island ("seco" means elbow in the local language), I knew I had to get there before I leave the Philippines again.

    Compared to the other islands in Antique, however, like Mararison Island, getting there isn't so convenient. To get there by sunrise, one has to leave Tibiao at 3am, and waves ...