Malumpati Cold Spring

Pandan, Antique

Malumpati Cold Spring is located in Pandan, Antique. Tourism in Pandan has been growing steadily over the past ten years, thanks mainly to the town's proximity to Boracay Island, which during the same period has become one of the world's popular beach resorts and tourist destinations.

Both local and foreign tourists bound originally for Boracay have increasingly added a stop in Pan ...

dan before or after visiting Boracay.

The town's major attractions include the Bugang River, which has been nationally awarded several times as "the cleanest inland body of water" in the Philippines; the Malumpati Cold Spring; the Pandan Bay sunset, and white-sand beaches, sandwiched between the Sulu Sea to the west and, in the east, the Central Panay Mountain Range and coconut and other farms.

Malumpati Cold Spring News

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    Malumpati Health spring is located at Bugang River, Pandan, Antique. This is our family outing during the 30th wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law.

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    Even though its northern part is just less than an hour away from Aklan (which is known for Boracay), Antique is not exactly a top-of-mind destination for travelers.

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    Our group adventure in Antique. Mararison island trekking, Malumpati cold spring water tubing, experience the relaxing kawa hot bath and side trip to Boracay island.

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    We finally arrived at Kasa Raya Inn and Cafe in Antique, and one thing I noticed about the place is its unique rustic and minimalistic approach from outside to inside the rooms. You'll feel straight at home, still connected with nature, rice fields just a few steps away, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, plus a lot more!

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    This is a low key vlog that shows the water tubing activity in Malumpati. The water that streams through Malumpati cold springs comes from the Bugang River. The cleanest river in the Philippines. You can visit this river in Pandan, Antique. About an hour or two from Boracay Island! Enjoy!

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    Just this month we made a detour in Antique from our Boracay vacation. We met friends who are based in Antique a week before our trip in Boracay. We learned that Antique is less than an hour away from Caticlan Jetty Port then they showed us virgin forest, clean river worlds cleanest river if I may give emphasis, turquoise water, fresh sea food and the big Kawa where you can bathe as if you are being cooked the iconic must do in Antique. The things that they showed made me fall for Antique soon after and Las Islas Travel and Tours made me fall in love with this beautiful province.