Malalison or Mararison Island

Culasi, Antique

Malalison Island (locally called as Mararison) is located in Culasi, Antique, 4 kms. off the coast of Culasi; 15 minutes by pumpboat; long stretch of white sand beach; ideal for beach combing and spear fishing; presence of "pitcher plant" noted.

Malalison or Mararison Island News

  • Visiting Antique Tourist Spots Our 3-Day DIY Itinerary

    Visiting Antique Tourist Spots Our 3-Day DIY Itinerary

    Mararison Island thats one of the reasons why my friend and I would love to go to Culasi, Antique. Of course, we came from Cebu City and we would like to make the most of our Antique trip so we then decided to visit the renowned Kawa Bath and Bugtong Bato Falls in Tibiao and Naranjo Waterpark in Pandan. Read on to get more details of our 3 Day DIY itinerary trip to Antique, located in western Panay Island.

  • Bewitched In Antique

    Bewitched In Antique

    Antique is known for its aswang (witch) stories. Whenever I tell people that I am from Antique, they always ask me, 'Di ba maraming aswang diyan (Aren't there many witches in that place?).

    To those who want to be enchanted by its picturesque sceneries and its own variety of flora and fauna, the seahorse-shaped province has more to offer than its aswang stories.

    Come with me as I set out to rediscover my province, Antique.

    First stop is the so-called "Batanes of the Visayas." The hilly 55-hectare Mararison island located in the town of Culasi stands still. The island is also located pa ...

  • Malalison Island Travel Guide And Itinerary 2017

    Malalison Island Travel Guide And Itinerary 2017

    Compared to its more famous neighbor ? Boracay, the province of Antique rarely sees tourist but offers something stunning to those who are willing to discover its bounties. Just like Malalison Island, off the coast of Culasi town. Frolic in the white powdery sand and cerulean waters the island. This thriving island is now attracting travelers because of its sundry topography, some even find it reminiscent of Batanes. Hike up Malalison?s windswept highest peak peppered with pitcher plants and be rewarded with scenic vista. Here?s a DIY Guide to Malalison Island with budget itinerary.

  • See It To Believe It

    See It To Believe It

    Just when you need to get away from the noise of the bustling metropolis, Malalison Island can offer you the serene panoramic sight of both mountains and seas. Located in Culasi, Northern Antique, the place offers an idyllic escapade for those in search of exciting adventure.

    The legend of the island can be traced just by looking at its neighboring islands, the Batbatan and Maningning which the rurals would tell you that they are the siblings of Malalison. These three are believed to be the children of Mt. Madyaas and Mt. Apo which later became a story passed from generation to generation. ...

  • Malalison A Sandbar And A Simple Life

    Malalison A Sandbar And A Simple Life

    By the time we headed out on a boat for Malalison Island, we were well aware of and looking forward to hiking its beautiful rolling hills. But the first sight that greeted us as our boat inched closer to the island was a beautiful, curving sandbar and surrounding crystalline turquoise waters. We also knew about this sandbar but only realized how beautiful it was in person.

  • Malalison Island, Antique Philippines

    Malalison Island is another paradise to be discovered in the Philippines. I love how the island has been unspoiled and reserved, still. IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!