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  • Duyong Golden Beach

    Duyong Golden Beach

    The Duyong Golden Beach of Pandan, Antique has been described by visitors as a place next to paradise, even among the wonderful coastlines Antique has in abundance. Here, everything seems bathed in a golden glow as the sun sets, hence its name, offering a spectacular scene as a day of serenity draws to a close.

    A long stretch of white sand beach from where one could see the panorama of the Duyong Mountain Ranges on the east, the spectacular view of Batbatan Island and the beautiful golden rays of the setting sun on the west.

    A part of Duyong Golden Beach is where Phaidon Villas and Reso ...

  • Antique What is Cooking

    Antique What is Cooking

    Antique is cooking up a new kind of experience for avid travelers and their secret ingredient is their guests themselves. Before we get ahead of ourselves and start thinking gruesome, we'll tell you now that you are still going home in one piece. Antique is known for many things and unfortunately, it also includes the supernatural. Just like Siquijor, the province is a known haven for "aswangs". "Aswang" is a local term for monsters that prey on the living. They are known to eat their victims after cooking them. Instead of being offended by these rumors, the God-fearing and friendly locals dec ...

  • Government expands Semirara Minings coal contract

    Government expands Semirara Minings coal contract

    The department of energy has expanded the coal operating contract of Semirara Mining Corp. to include some 7,200 hectares of prospective coal-rich areas on the Sibay and Caluya Islands.

    In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Semirara said the amendment to COC No. 5 was the result of the (companys) geophysical and geological reconnaissance evaluation of the presence of coal occurrences in Sibay and Caluya Islands.

    The amendment also brought the total land area under Semiraras COC No. 5 to 12,700 hectares.

    In June, the energy department granted Semirara a coal reconnaissance ...