Igpasungaw Falls

Sebaste, Antique

Igpasungaw Falls are located in Sebaste, Antique. It is just 3 kms. from the national highway, a 30 minute hike, at the bottom is a natural swimming pool, 8-10 m. in diameter and 2 m. deep. Igpasungaw Falls are considered as one of the major natural attraction in Sebaste.

Igpasungaw Falls News

  • What To Do In Antique: Igpasungaw Falls

    What To Do In Antique: Igpasungaw Falls

    After climbing Bugtong Bato falls and finding it easy, Flord mentioned that there is a bigger falls that we could go to. we thought to go to the Igpasungaw Falls in Sebaste, Antique. The challenge in this falls is endurance, balance, determination, and teamwork.

  • Experience Antique Igpasungaw Falls In Sebaste A Grand Staircase Into The Wild

    Experience Antique Igpasungaw Falls In Sebaste A Grand Staircase Into The Wild

    We are inexorably fascinated with our country's waterfalls. These stunning works of Mother Nature speak volumes of beauty, allure, and power. They are venues for heart-stopping adventures, sanctuaries for serenity, and sources for a land's commerce and survival. Thus, when we knew that one of our destinations during our Experience Antique familiarization tour is the magnificent Igpasungaw Falls in the municipality of Sebaste, our hearts beat with excitement and delight.

    After our thrilling water tubing adventure at Bugang River and a nice visit at the LA Dioso Memorial Public library, it wa ...

  • Discover The Amazing Beauty Of Igpasungaw Falls In Sebaste Antique Philippines

    Discover the amazing beauty of Igpasungaw Falls located in Sebaste, Antique, Philippines.

    Credits to Mr. Puperto Quitag for the awesome and beautiful aerial shoot with DJI Phamtom.

  • Travel Guide Antique

    Travel Guide Antique

    Antique is a province of the Philippines located in the region of Western Visayas. Just a couple of hours away from the gateway to Boracay, the country's most famous beach party destination, Antique offers a different kind of getaway.

    "Off-the-beaten path" is the description that immediately comes to mind. In a span of six days exploring the province, I found myself visiting stunningly beautiful uncrowded beaches, rice terraces hidden in a remote mountain village, multi-level waterfalls, clear rivers and springs and clambering up karst cliffs. The best part was we had these destinations all ...

  • Antique where the mountains meet the sea

    Antique where the mountains meet the sea

    There are so many things to say and write about Antique. Profiled like a seahorse, Antique, which is composed of 18 municipalities, is an oversized serrated hemline on the western border of the three-cornered scarf-like land mass that is Panay ??" geographically part of Western Visayas in the Philippines.

    Acclaimed for its eco-tourism adventure destinations, it offers numerous sights to behold, from the natural wonders of Nogas Island Marine and Bird Sanctuary which lies just off the Sira-an Hot Spring in Anini-y, to the riverbeds of gemstones in Mao-it-Tipulan River in Sibalom, Bugtong Bat ...

  • Discover Sebaste

    Sebaste is a fourth class municipality in the province of Antique. It is 110 kilometers away from the capital town of San Jose de Buenavista. It is bounded in the north by the Municipality of Pandan, in the south by Culasi town, west by the Cuyo East Pass and east by the town of Malinao in Aklan province.

    Sebaste is composed of ten barangays with a total area of 11, 164.02 hectares. Eight barangays is situated in the coastal areas and two are in the upland.

    Brief History

    Sebaste was formerly a part of Pandan until on September 26, 1964 when then President Diosdado Macapagal issued ...