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  • Batabat Coral Reef

    Exploring the beauty of Batabat coral reef marine reserve.

  • Birding on Nogas Island Antique

    I went island-walking with friends and the provincial Tourism Officer on Nogas Island on 8 December 2004 between 12.30 and 3.30 and went back without them the next day, birding from 6.30 to 9.15 am. On both days, it was clear and calm, with the sea - sometimes gun-metal-blue, sometimes deep turquoise - heaving slightly. Nogas Island, with its fringe of white sand and its crown of thick vegetation is about 3 km offshore from Anini-y, Antique's southernmost town.

    Ruel Castillo ('Wewe'), of the Philippine National Police and police officer of Anini-y, owner of Chen2 (a motorized outrigged banc ...

  • Nogas Island Aniniy Antique

    Nogas Island: also called "Virgin Island"

    It was last April (2012) that we got the chance to visit Nogas Island, we stayed there for two hours and
    a half.

    Near the old cemetery, we looked for someone owns a fisherman's boat that would bring us to Nogas island. While Negotiating, one of us found a strange bird. Our round trip fee was settled for php. 500.00.

    The island was so nice and peaceful. We saw a fruit that was unknown to us, But it was similar to PiƱa. The place has white sand. You can see the beautiful coral reefs and mangroves in the area.

    We first decided to go to the ...