Antique Rice Terraces

San Remigio, Antique

The Antique Rice Terraces is located in Brgy. Fullon and the rice field covers about 600 hectares of land. According to the oldest living Iraynon Bukidnon, 90 year-old Nanay Elena Rubite-Gomez, the rice terraces was built around 1925-1930.

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  • Rediscover A Cultural Treasure Antiques Rice Terraces

    Rediscover A Cultural Treasure Antiques Rice Terraces

    Travel-Deep down the the mountains of the town San Remigio in the province of Antique is where can be found the well-preserved rice terraces of the Iraynon-Bukidnon.

    In the report of the Inquirer Net, along the 600 hectares land is where the indigenous group, Iraynon-Bukidnon, preserved a mass of rice terraces which is now recognized as a cultural treasure.

    According to the report, the said cultural treasure was discovered by a member of the faculty of University of the Philippines-Visayas, who is also a co-founder of the Panay Bird Club.

    The faculty member's name is Emmanuel Lerona. ...

  • San Remigio Antique Rafflesia Travel Guide

    San Remigio Antique Rafflesia Travel Guide

    If you fancy forest roads, pastoral scenery and cool highland climate, then San Remigio, Antique is perfect for you. This sleepy municipality is dubbed as "The Summer Capital of Antique" known for its rice terraces, waterfalls, caves and Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.

    On a recent trip organized by the provincial tourism of Antique, we had a brief tour of San Remigio, Antique. Most of the tourist attractions in San Remigio are untainted by commercialism and clad by dense jungles. According to San Remigio Tourism, the remaining forests in San Remigio including the Igbaclag Ca ...

  • The Cultural Treasure Of Western Visayas Rice Terraces Of Antique

    The Cultural Treasure Of Western Visayas Rice Terraces Of Antique

    Luzon isn't the only place to find Rice Terraces!

    Can you guess where this photo of Payao (Rice Terraces) was taken? Nope, it's not in Banaue, Ifugao but in Valderrama, Antique!

    Plainly called the Antique Rice Terraces, the Visayan payao is the most accessible rice terraces in Panay Island, and is located at Brgy. Lublub, Valderrama, Antique. It is maintained by the Lublub-Bakiang Community-based Tourism Organization, who also handle any tourism-related concerns, as well as provide necessary information about the payao's history, elevation, and occupied land. You can contact the organiza ...

  • Experience Antique Cultural Immersion At The Scenic Antique Rice Terraces

    Experience Antique Cultural Immersion At The Scenic Antique Rice Terraces

    Traveling is not just about visiting destinations. If you want a truly meaningful, eye-opening trip, you have to delve down and listen to the stories of the locals. You have to appreciate and be proud of their home, history, and culture as much as they are.

    During our Explore Antique familiarization tour, we had a special opportunity to visit the scenic Antique Rice terraces. More importantly, we had a tiny but knowledge-filled glimpse on their unique way of life.

    Our first stop was in the town and municipality of Bugasong south of Tibiao. Bugasong is renowned for its patadyong, a kind o ...

  • The Breathtaking View Of Antique Rice Terraces

    Antique Pentalogy Climb.

    A cultural treasure spread across 600 hectares of land in forms of rice terraces well preserved by a group of villagers called Iraynon-Bukidnon.

  • Travel Guide Antique

    Travel Guide Antique

    Antique is a province of the Philippines located in the region of Western Visayas. Just a couple of hours away from the gateway to Boracay, the country's most famous beach party destination, Antique offers a different kind of getaway.

    "Off-the-beaten path" is the description that immediately comes to mind. In a span of six days exploring the province, I found myself visiting stunningly beautiful uncrowded beaches, rice terraces hidden in a remote mountain village, multi-level waterfalls, clear rivers and springs and clambering up karst cliffs. The best part was we had these destinations all ...