Vera Falls

Malinao, Albay

Vera Falls are located in Malinao, Albay. Nestled about 400 ft. above sea level, on a secluded nook of Mt. Malinao, this natural paradise of forest and clear cascading water is treasure to behold. A snake-like trail passing along rivers and tree-filled hills awaits you, trekking with endless enthusiasm. At its base, cold water fresh for drinking flow freely. Time seems to stop when one reaches thi ...

s pristine falls.

Vera Falls News

  • The Seventh Heaven Mt Malinao Day Hike And Vera Falls Side Trip

    The Seventh Heaven Mt Malinao Day Hike And Vera Falls Side Trip

    Location: Alinao, Albay

    Difficulty: 5/9

    Hours to reach the summit: 5 to 7 hours

    Visited on: July 2016

    The Climb:

    Mt. Malinao, located in Alinao, Albay, is part of the Magayon Trio and is considered to be of the three beautiful moutains in Albay. It is located near Tiwi and Tobaco Albay, and is also near the borders of Camarines Sur.

    Although the volcano, inactive for years now, is not a popular hiking destination due to distance, gave it a 5/9 difficulty rating since the trail can last from 5-9 hours, depending on the pace of the hikers. It is 1450 MASL in ...

  • Vera Falls Malinao Albay

    Vera Falls Malinao, Albay.

    Enjoy watching! Gopro hero llll

  • Theres Always A Waterfalls Near You

    Theres Always A Waterfalls Near You

    Wherever you are in the Philippines, chasing after waterfalls isn't so hard to do. There's always bound to be one at a town near you. You don't have to be an expert in the outdoors. Simply get out of the city and tackle a woodland terrain to discover one. Some are even given decent pathways that lead to them by local authorities or private organizations, making the intrepid getaway a little less dangerous for kids and old folks.

    When I was younger, the first waterfalls I visited was Daranak Falls that's located in the province of Rizal. It was a fun excursion with high school classmates as ...

  • The Breathtaking Vera Falls

    The Breathtaking Vera Falls

    I have already heard a lot about Vera Falls, yet I did not have the chance to go there until last weekend when my friends and I decided to go after we went to Corangon Island, Tiwi Albay to wash off and immerse ourselves in its cold and refreshing waters. Vera Falls is located in Malinao, Albay which is just a few kilometers away from the city of Tabaco. It was surprisingly easy to access with many habal-habal willing to take you there for such a very cheap price. Vera Falls is located at Barangay Soa, Malinao Albay and is one of the many stunning tourist attractions in the province. The water ...

  • Cebu startup powers digital tourism in Albay

    Cebu startup powers digital tourism in Albay

    Travel to the many attractions of Albay, from Mayon Volcano with its near perfect cone to Spanish period churches and other centuries-old structures, has been made easier with the launch of a mobile app that serves as a handy guide to the province.

    The app was built by Cebu-based journalism startup InnoPub Media, in collaboration with the Albay Provincial Government, and wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart). Albay Guide is a comprehensive travel app that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and other mobile devices.

    "Mobile plays a key role in trav ...

  • Essential Albay Destinations To Experience

    Essential Albay Destinations To Experience

    Albay seems just a small part of the Bicol region, but it has performed well in terms of tourism efforts for the past few years with Governor Joey Salceda at the helm of its operations. He is after all the Department of Tourism's first recipient of its Tourism Star award. Under his brilliant tutelage, the province is constantly serving as a shining example to its neighbours even with the threat of the unpredictable Mayon Volcano. If anything, its natural majesty even enhances every destination within the area. Most hotels and resorts in the province have managed to promote a wonderful view of ...