Vanishing Island and Sandbar

Malilipot, Albay

Vanishing Island, also called Wara Wara Sandbar is located in Brgy. Salvacion, Malilipot in Albay province in the Bicol region, is just a 30-minute boat ride from the province's main Tabaco port, right in the middle of Lagonoy Gulf. The sandbar, depending on the tide timetable, usually shows itself at about 10am, exposing its marine residents like the star fish and shoal of clownfish. It's a great ...

playground for families with kids.

Vanishing Island Wara Wara Sandbar News

  • Six Underrated Destinations Beyond Mayon

    Six Underrated Destinations Beyond Mayon

    Say "Albay", and "Mayon Volcano" would eventually follow suit. Its true that the Perfect Cone is hard to ignore when youre in the province, but take a second and look past it and youll find some of the most beautiful destinations in the region. So, go off the beaten path, stray from the hordes of tourists and get to know more of this province with these six less-traveled places.

    Pinamuntogan Island

    On the edges of the Tabaco Bay lies an islet that goes by the name of Pinamuntogan Island. Sometimes also spelled as Pinamuntugan, this place in Bacacay boasts a length of chalky, cream sands ...

  • Albay Philippines View From The Top

    Home of the stunning Mayon Volcano, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking landscapes.

    Here are the places we visited in Albay on October 2017. Sadly, we failed to see Lignon Hill and Daraga Church because of the bad weather.

    Hope you enjoy this drone vid of Albay.

  • DIY Guide To Vanishing Island

    DIY Guide To Vanishing Island

    Located off the coast of Malilipot, Albay, this capricious, relatively small shoal features crystal clear waters and white sands. As of writing, Vanishing Island has several floating cottages that can be rented along its periphery.

  • The Vanishing Island Of Albay

    The Vanishing Island Of Albay

    How many islands there are in the Philippines would depend on whether it is low tide or high tide, always alluding to the famous Miss Universe Q&A back in '94 (lol). As a child, I always questioned that idea. How was it even possible for the sea to create islands and let them vanish within a day?

    So the idea of "Vanishing" Islands across the archipelago has long been in my head. When I heard about the one in Sto. Domingo, Albay, I wanted to sea, I mean see it.hehe
    It was Friday, yes TGIF, when I and a bunch of friends arranged a day tour to the island. The Vanishing Island of Sto. Domingo, ...

  • The Fascinating Beauty Of Vanishing Island

    The Fascinating Beauty Of Vanishing Island

    I was curious of what Albay has to offer when it introduced one of the famous attraction known today as the Vanishing Island. I have already seen a lot of this kind of island in the provinces of Davao, Samar and Camiguin and all of them were stunning and did not disappoint me. Last weekend,together with my college friends, we jump started our 2016 summer experience in this island. Little did I know, I would go all sepanx ("separation anxiety") after our Vanishing Island adventure.

    Vanishing Island can be found at Malilipot Albay, but can be accessed via the port of Bacacay, Albay. Too compl ...

  • Albays Rich Fishing Ground Is Tourist Draw

    Albays Rich Fishing Ground Is Tourist Draw

    The vast golden white sands that appear and disappear with the tide day in, day out in Lagonoy Gulf is fast becoming a local tourist attraction this summer.

    This little city in the middle of the sea, known locally as Wara-Wara sandbar, juts into the rich tuna fishing grounds in Lagonoy Gulf.

    Wara-Wara sandbar faces the Pacific Ocean and could be found between the islands of Cagraray, the famous white and pristine beaches in Bacacay, Albay and Hacienda San Miguel, Tabaco City.

    From a tiny spot of white sand under the sea off Salvacion village in Malilipot town, the biggest sandbar was ...