Tabak Festival

Tabaco City, Albay

Tabak Festival is an annual celebration held every 3rd week of March in Tabaco City, Albay. In conjunction with the founding of the city. Inspired the name of the feast on the word " sword "which is also the name of the city of Tabaco.

Tabak Festival News

  • Tabaco City, Albay Bicols City Of Love

    Tabaco City, Albay Bicols City Of Love

    For all its friendliness, quaint town romance & encompassing acceptance of the diversity of humankind, Tabaco City prides itself as Bicol's City of Love. Here, this affection is as hot as its chili, as easy breezy as its coastal fringes & as heartwarming as you can imagine.

  • Tabaco Citys Tabak Festival

    Tabaco Citys Tabak Festival

    With a confused mind I was on a bus bound to Bicol to a city called Tabaco. I was one of the the bloggers that the city invited to witness the Tabak Festival. I was battling in my mind why would the city celebrate Tabak instead of Tabaco which is a type of plant used to make cigars. Anyways, I just slept on the bus on a 12 hour journey from Manila. Well, at least I tried to sleep.

  • The Treasures Of Tabaco City

    The Treasures Of Tabaco City

    Discovering beauty in a place that's often overlooked is a skill and joy travelers are familiar with. Going beyond the surface, delving further than the obvious, almost always has rewards that no pre-made itinerary could ever replicate.

  • A Tale Of Two Tabacos

    A Tale Of Two Tabacos

    I learned the city's name and my mind was quick to form this image: a cluster of huts with thatched roofs, a coop of roosters, folks in straw hats, and a menacing burly man skulking on a banyan ? a kapre. Yet Tabaco was nothing like how I pictured it. It was a city, not a sleepy barrio where people still believed in kapres. Here, there is a mall and a Jollibee. A McDonald's, too, plus a sundry of commercial establishments. The roads are paved and many ply on it. It is bustling and dons the raiments of the modern world. Why would I even think that, you ask?

  • Albays Cuisine Culture And Craft Rock

    Albays Cuisine Culture And Craft Rock

    Beyond the perfect-coned Mayon Volcano towering majestically over Albay, the province also takes pride in its mouth-watering spicy cuisine, checkered history and culture and age-old crafts.

    These and all give visitors a consummate experience.

    This month, Albay is celebrating the charm of its cuisine, culture and crafts in a month-long merry-making in three various municipal festivals.

    Revelry started with a bang as Rocksteddy rocked the quaint town of Camalig to open the two-week Pinangat Festival putting forward its culinary tradition.

    The festivities' main events include a street ...

  • Tabak Festival 2015 Bayle Sa Dalan

    2015 Tabak Festival Bayle Sa Dalan.