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  • A Tale Of Two Tabacos

    A Tale Of Two Tabacos

    I learned the city's name and my mind was quick to form this image: a cluster of huts with thatched roofs, a coop of roosters, folks in straw hats, and a menacing burly man skulking on a banyan ? a kapre. Yet Tabaco was nothing like how I pictured it. It was a city, not a sleepy barrio where people still believed in kapres. Here, there is a mall and a Jollibee. A McDonald's, too, plus a sundry of commercial establishments. The roads are paved and many ply on it. It is bustling and dons the raiments of the modern world. Why would I even think that, you ask?

  • Part 1 Dive In San Miguel Island Bicol

    Family Outing in Bicol and First Dive of Trish.

  • Albay Mayon Rest House And Mayon Planetarium

    Albay Mayon Rest House And Mayon Planetarium

    Located halfway to the peak of the eastern slope of Mayon Volcano and in the jurisdiction of Tabaco City in the province of Albay is the Mayon Skyline View Deck also known as the Mayon Rest House.

    Formerly known as the Mayon Skyline Hotel, the establishment was long been shut down due to the unpredictability of Mayon Volcano. Luckily for the aging establishment, it was preserved by the local government of Tabaco City. The place was also improved by adding the planetarium, zipline and the wall climbing facilities also known as the Mayon Planetarium and Science Park. However, during our visi ...

  • Mayon Planetarium In Tabaco City Albay

    Mayon Planetarium In Tabaco City Albay

    After a heavy lunch in Waways, we proceeded to the Mayon Planetarium in Tabaco, Albay. Its about 1 hour trip from Legazpi City. We passed bridges and residential areas which showed boulders and volcanic debris from previous volcanic eruptions.

    We also passed the town of Malilipot, the main source of nice abaca bags sold in Manila and abroad. After a long climb to the zigzagging road with stations of the cross, we finally saw the signature dome of a planetarium.

    The Mayon Planetarium is situated on the "waistline" of the volcano, or midway to its summit. This is the closest thing you can ...

  • Tabak Festival Balsa Race 2013

    The Amazing Balsa Race Tabak Festival 2013.

  • Tabaco City Tabak Festival 2008

    Tabaco National High Schoool Performed Tabak Festival In Tabaco City.