Sumlang Lake

Camalig, Albay

Sumlang Lake is located in Brgy. Sumlang, Camalig, Albay. This lake is a new addition to the list of tourist destinations surrounding the majestic Mayon Volcano. It is pleasing and tourist-friendly lake.

Sumlang Lake News

  • Exploring Albay: Home Of Mt Mayon, The Perfect Cone

    Exploring Albay: Home Of Mt Mayon, The Perfect Cone

    It's been months since I've been chosen as one of the ten finalists of Wranger Philippine's #TrueWanderer but I'm still very thankful for the honor and the opportunity that came with it. As a way of giving back, I want to share my experience and itinerary for the travel that I did for the contest. Traveling solo, I went to explore the province of Albay, home to the most renowned volcano in the whole Philippines: Mt. Mayon.

  • A New Year Family Adventure In Bicol

    A New Year Family Adventure In Bicol

    We have been roughing it up on the Mayon lava trail riding the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for about an hour when my sister-in-law noticed an unusual gush of smoke from the volcano's peak.

    She asked our ATV tour guide if such a smoke was normal, but he did not seem bothered. Instead, he was preoccupied with taking our photos and videos, giving hand signals as we approach different types of terrain, reminding us to keep a single line so he can easily see us and bring us safely to the lava wall and back to the base camp.

    Half an hour after, we reached the lava wall, the sight of the 2006 eru ...

  • Conquest - Albay 360

    Conquering Albay in our 360 tour around Mayon Volcano with its captivating land marks that is truly unforgettable.

    Our Itenerary:
    - Lignon Hill
    - Daraga Church
    - Cagsawa Ruins
    - Sumlang Lake
    - Quitinday Green Hills
    - Kawa Kawa Hills
    - Mayon Skyline
    - Sula Bridge
    - Bacacay Town Proper
    - Cagraray Eco Park
    - Stella Maris
    - St. Rose of Lima Church
    - Misibis Bay
    - Mataas Beach

  • Albay Sumlang Lake In Camalig

    Albay Sumlang Lake In Camalig

    Albay is one of the hot spot tourist attractions in the Philippines because of the famous Mount Mayon. However, recently, a different tourist attraction has been catching the attention of many visitors of Albay. It is as breathtaking and as mesmerizing to see because it actually gives you a great view of Mount Mayon - the Sumlang Lake in Camalig.

  • Albay, Travel Philippines Hashventure 2018

    Albay, a province located in Bicol Region in the southeast part of Luzon in the Philippines. Albay is home to the world famous Mayon Volcano, an almost perfect cone shaped active volcano. But Albay is more than just Mayon, as there are so many more tourist destinations that travellers will surely enjoy.

    Celebrated our 7th anniversary in this fun-filled province.

    Day 1
    - ATV Adventure (Black Lava Trail)
    - Albay Park and Wildlife
    - Lignon Hill
    - Legazpi Boulevard

    Day 2
    - Quitinday Green Hills
    - Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave
    - Quituinan Hills
    - Kawa-Kawa Hill
    - Sili Waiting Shed

  • Travel Guide: Interesting Spots And Things To Do In Albay Province

    Travel Guide: Interesting Spots And Things To Do In Albay Province

    With more than 7600 islands to explore, the Philippines is a country full of beautiful and scenic places. Its rich biodiversity features forests, lakes, mountains, beaches, and historic sites. Albay, found in the Bicol Region, is one province that boasts of tourist spots, interesting local dishes, and exciting activities. The province was declared as a Biosphere Reserve due to abundance of endemic flora and fauna. To enjoy the most out of Albay, tourists are encouraged to proceed to Legazpi City first. There are local tours around the capital city, which would be a great start of your Albay ad ...