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  • Mt Masaraga Climb In Albay Philippines

    Gloriously located in the outskirts of Ligao City, Philippines, this steep climber was kept from public access till Oh Eleven. And now is one of trekkers' preferred destinations.

  • Rediscovering Oas Albay Diwata Imacoto Beach

    Rediscovering Oas Albay Diwata Imacoto Beach

    My travel blog will never be complete if I could not feature something beautiful about my place of birth, the Municipality of Oas in Albay province. Oas is a first class municipality. I was born and had grew up there. Most of my childhood fondest memories was there. Up above its coastal areas, a paradise is waiting to be rediscovered. It's the Diwata Imacoto Beach in the barangay of Cagmanaba. Its name was derived from the owners surname. With its crystal clear waters, white sand, and tranquil atmosphere, everyone will find it a perfect place to unwind without having to spend that much. The pl ...

  • Imacoto Beach Oas Albay Aerial View 2 TBS Discovery Gopro Hero 2 May 2015

    Aerial View Imacoto white Beach in Oas, Albay.

  • Island Hopping

    Islands Hopping from Imacoto Beach Resort to Trinity Islands in Cagmanaba, Oas, Albay, Philippines

  • Trinity Island Cagmanaba Oas Albay View

    Trinity Islands in Brgy. Cagmanaba, Oas is next to Cagmanaba and is located in Province of Albay, Bicol, Philippines.

  • Conquer Mount Masaraga

    Conquer Mount Masaraga

    Today that out-of-the-door activities boom and continuously booming in, many people are getting more and more addicted specially to mountaineering because it distressed and let people explore beyond their limits.

    A week after my Mount Palali dayhike in Nueva Vizcaya, I was invited by my friend from One Hike Mountaineering Club to join their invitational hike at one of the three beautiful mountains of Albay - Mount Masaraga.

    Located 500 kilometers away south-east of Manila, Ligao City being situated at the foot of the majestic Mayon Volcano showcase hills, lakes, caves, coastal areas and ...