Mount Mayon Volcano

Santo Domingo, Albay

Mayon Volcano Natural Park encompasses an area of 5,775.7 hectares located in the eight cities and municipalities that has jurisdiction of the mountain. The peak of the volcano is the highest elevation in the Bicol Region at 2,462 metres.

Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines, and its adjacent surroundings. The volcano is also renowned for having an almost perf ...

ect cone. First protected as a National Park in 1938, it was reclassified as a Natural Park in the year 2000.

Mount Mayon Volcano Natural Park News

  • My Philippines Albay

    Explore the surrounding attractions in the foothills of majestic Mt. Mayon. Join Kayesha Chua as she introduces a lot of fun-filled adventures you and your friends can enjoy while in Bicol.

  • Biodiversity-rich Mayon To Recover Fast Sustain Life

    Biodiversity-rich Mayon To Recover Fast Sustain Life

    While volcanic eruptions are seen as serious threats to life and property, although often a boon to the local tourism industry, the ashfall, burning lava and lahar are threats to the variety of life that thrives around the volcano.

    Plants and animals in forests, caves, rivers and other unique ecosystems surrounding volcanoes may be lost during massive volcanic eruptions.

    However, there is no need to worry. Experts say the effect of a volcanic eruption is temporary; the forest will eventually recover naturally, and fast, and wildlife will thrive once more, ensuring that the cycle of life ...

  • Mayon Volcano And Its Remains In Memory

    Mayon Volcano And Its Remains In Memory

    Whenever I see Mayon volcano in the news these days because of its eruption, I dont just see ashes and smoke compulsively kissing the sky or lava flowing down its slope. I dont just sense the fear, pain, or panic of its surrounding residents. It also reminds me of my eldest brother.

    In May of last year, the day after one of my sisters got married in Daet, Camarines Norte, I, together with my eldest brother Kuya Oni, his wife and two kids, and my youngest brother Ronnel went on a journey to transform the Google images in our heads into a real one of Mayon, one of the 2008 Seven Wonders of th ...

  • Mayon Volcano Eruptions Spark Philippines Tourism Boom

    Mayon Volcano Eruptions Spark Philippines Tourism Boom

    With chili-spiced or flavored "lava ice cream" in demand and awestruck tourists packing onto viewing decks, the erupting Mayon Volcano is sparking a local business boom in an impoverished region where tens of thousands of others have fled for their lives.

    Albay has built its image around the picture-perfect, cone-shaped Mayon, whose periodic activity offers both boundless opportunity as well as enduring misery.

    Since Mayon began shooting out lava two weeks ago, restaurants and hotels just outside a nine-kilometer danger zone some complete with volcano branding ? have enjoyed an off-seaso ...

  • The Fiery Albay

    The Fiery Albay

    An overnight land trip to this southern Luzon province had me waking to a beautiful sunrise emerging from a blanket of fog. A familiar image appeared in the distance as our bus zoomed through the highway.

    The perfect cone-shaped Mount Mayon seemed to be welcoming us. Its peak was clear and, as they say, it seldom shows itself as it?s always hidden behind the clouds. This time, it wasnt.

    I have been to the beautiful province of Albay a number of times and those trips were all memorable.

    Recently, its making the headlines as Mayon is releasing its fury. The most popular landmark in the ...

  • Oragon The Resilient Bicolanos

    Oragon The Resilient Bicolanos

    We would often look online for good and budget friendly travel destinations here in the Philippines for our family vacation or just to unwind and avoid the hassle and bustle in the Metro. And sometimes, we cannot decide what to choose because Philippines has a lot of amazing travel spots to offer. One of these is the Bicol province which is known for its majestic Mayon Volcano, Bicol express, pili, and sili ice cream.