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  • Rare Sea Turtle Swims Across Globe Lays Eggs In Bicol

    Rare Sea Turtle Swims Across Globe Lays Eggs In Bicol

    A female leather-back sea turtle swam the high seas down to Yawa village shore here to bury at least 100 eggs at the Naval Forces Southern Luzon premises on Sunday evening.

    Navy Ensign Mon Duruin, public information officer of Naval Forces Southern Luzon told The Manila Times that the leather-back sea turtle about two meters long laid its eggs on the sand and may likely hatch more than 80 eggs.

    The turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is primarily found in the open ocean as far as north Alaska and the southern tip of Africa though recent satellite tracking research indicates that leatherbacks f ...

  • Japanese Tunnel Legazpi City in Albay

    This Japanese Tunnel was an arsenal facility during World War II. The Japanese soldiers used the tunnel to hide themselves as well as their weaponry against the joint Filipino-American forces. Right now, the remains of this place is an excellent place to visit. But, walkin' inside that small wet tunnel with a 3-inch shoes was not that easy, LOL

  • Leatherback Turtle Laid Eggs Off Navforsol Shoreline

    Leatherback Turtle Laid Eggs Off Navforsol Shoreline

    NAVFORSOL personnel together with the local residents of Barangay Yawah, Legazpi City releases turtle to her habitat after nesting her eggs on the shore.

    A rare type of turtle was found off the coast near NAVFORSOL premises last 14 July 2013 at around 8pm. A resident nearby called the attention of duty personnel on one of the camp posts informing that a huge turtle is laying her eggs on the sand. The duty personnel immediately called for assistance and assessed the turtle for any injuries. NAVFORSOL personnel stayed at the site until such time the female turtle was eventually released by t ...