Lignon Hill Nature Park

Legazpi City, Albay

Lignon Hill is a prominent hill in the city of Legazpi, some 3 kilometers west of its downtown port area in Albay, Philippines. The summit rises to about 156 meters, overlooking the Mayon Volcano to the northwest and the entire city and Albay Gulf to the east. The whole site is managed by the city and provincial government, and has been designated as a Nature Park.

Lignon Hill Nature Park News

  • The Fiery Albay

    The Fiery Albay

    An overnight land trip to this southern Luzon province had me waking to a beautiful sunrise emerging from a blanket of fog. A familiar image appeared in the distance as our bus zoomed through the highway.

    The perfect cone-shaped Mount Mayon seemed to be welcoming us. Its peak was clear and, as they say, it seldom shows itself as it?s always hidden behind the clouds. This time, it wasnt.

    I have been to the beautiful province of Albay a number of times and those trips were all memorable.

    Recently, its making the headlines as Mayon is releasing its fury. The most popular landmark in the ...

  • Exploring Albay Seven Things To Try

    Exploring Albay Seven Things To Try

    Albay is the home of the world renowned Mayon Volcano, the perfect-coned mountain that will make you fall in love with its beauty. True enough, wherever you are in Albay, you'll catch a glimpse of Mayon's perfection.

    This wonderful province is about 12 hours away from Manila by land, but you can catch daily flights from Manila to Legazpi for about 1000-2000php one way to save up about 10 hours per way. A 12-hour bus ride will cost 850php as of June 2016, so it's up to you whether you'd like to save up time or money.

    As a poor traveler, I chose to save up money and gathered a group of 10 ...

  • Introduction To Legazpi City And Daraga Albay Gateway To Bicolandia

    Introduction To Legazpi City And Daraga Albay Gateway To Bicolandia

    When the list of potential familiarization trips for bloggers were released by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines for TBEX PH, I immediately chose the 'Bicol Express Adventure Trip'. Why? I've never been to that region despite the fact that I have distant relatives living in Naga and my grandparents go every 4-5 years to attend a reunion. For some reason, I am always unavailable every time a fellow travel blogger invite me to go with them. It can also be tricky because just like my home region Ilocandia, this part of the Philippines is a favorite 'hangout' place of typhoons. Oh no ...

  • A Visit In Bicol

    A Visit In Bicol

    A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." ??" Tim Cahillal

    I beg to disagree with what Mr. Cahillal said! Why settle for one if you can have both? This is a later than late post but it has to be documented because this is our first ever distant travel as buddies! So this… therefore… is history! LOL.

    The cheapest way to travel is to visit someone's hometown on a fiesta ??" and that's what I did! We went to Bicol to celebrate fiesta where food and accommodation are free and everything else comes cheaper at the market.

    We went there via Cebu Pac and took a 14-hour b ...

  • Legazpi Day Tour 2016

    Legazpi Day Tour 2016

    Legazpi is on the eastern portion of the province of Albay bounded on the north by the municipality of Sto. Domingo, on the east by the Albay Gulf, on the west by the municipality of Daraga, and on the south by the municipalities of Manito, Albay and Pilar and Castilla, Sorsogon. The city is located 527 kilometres (327 mi) south of Manla.

    Mayon Volcano, one of the Philippines' most popular icons and tourist destinations, is partly within the city's borders.


    There are direct flights coming from NAIA and LEGASPI Airport. The flight takes around 20-30 minutes.

    A we ...

  • Lignon Hill In Legazpi Albay A Better View Of Mayon Volcano

    Lignon Hill In Legazpi Albay A Better View Of Mayon Volcano

    We've been to Daraga Church, and we experienced the spectacular view of Mayon Volcano.

    But sadly, we couldn't get enough. Haha! Once you get to Albay or Bicol Region, seeing the beauty of Mayon is a must. And once you've witnessed it, you'll surely want some more.

    So we traveled for a few minutes to a place where the view of Mayon is bigger and better. I'm talking about Ligñon Hill Nature Park in Legazpi. And we were not just treated by Mayon's splendor, we also enjoyed the panoramic view of Legazpi, Daraga and the Albay Gulf!

    For many years, Lignon Hill served as a PHIVOLCS observ ...