Kawa Kawa Hill

Ligao City, Albay

The Kawa Kawa Hill and Nature Park is a 236 meter land form located in California Village, Brgy. Tuburan, Ligao City. Its name is derived from its curious shape resembling a 'kawa' or cauldron. From afar, Kawa-Kawa may seem as ordinary as any other hill, but from its summit, one can see its unique feature in its full glory ??" an amphitheater-like six-hectare crater. Because of this peculiar chara ...

cteristic, it is also called 'the hill without a hilltop'.

Today, the Kawa-Kawa Hill is now one of Albay's tourist destinations, developed by the city government of Ligao spearheaded by Albay 3rd District Rep. Fernando Gonzalez. It offers a stunning 360 degree view of Ligao City and neighboring towns, as well as sprawling green fields and nearby Mts. Masaraga and Mt. Mayon.

The hill is also famous as a religious destination because of the larger than life Stations of the Cross lining the 500-meter path to the crater and extending all the way around the crater's 836-meter rim. During the Lenten Season, devotees flock to Kawa-Kawa to reflect and meditate on the Stations of the Cross as penance.

Kawa Kawa Hill and Nature Park News

  • Albay, Travel Philippines Hashventure 2018

    Albay, a province located in Bicol Region in the southeast part of Luzon in the Philippines. Albay is home to the world famous Mayon Volcano, an almost perfect cone shaped active volcano. But Albay is more than just Mayon, as there are so many more tourist destinations that travellers will surely enjoy.

    Celebrated our 7th anniversary in this fun-filled province.

    Day 1
    - ATV Adventure (Black Lava Trail)
    - Albay Park and Wildlife
    - Lignon Hill
    - Legazpi Boulevard

    Day 2
    - Quitinday Green Hills
    - Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave
    - Quituinan Hills
    - Kawa-Kawa Hill
    - Sili Waiting Shed

  • Bamboo Plantation Pinakabagong Atraksiyon Sa Albay

    Bamboo Plantation Pinakabagong Atraksiyon Sa Albay

    Pinakabagong atraksiyon ngayon sa Kawa-Kawa Natural Park sa Barangay Tuburan sa lungsod na ito ang tinatawag na Bambusetum o ang Kawayan Tinik Plantation.

    Nasa dalawang ektarya ang bamboo plantation na proyekto ni Albay Third District Representative Fernando Gonzales, katuwang ang lokal na pamahalaan ng Ligao at ang Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

    Bukod sa mga tanim na kawayan, may nursery din sa lugar kung saan makikita ang nasa 15 species ng bamboo seedlings.

    Taong 2014 nang simulan ang proyekto.

    Maliban sa malaking ambag sa kapaligiran, hindi rin matatawaran ang ...

  • Vlog 11: HELLO PHILIPPINES Albay Bicol

    It was really fun visiting some of the best places to go to here in Albay, Bicol.

    Here are the places I visited and the addresses:

    Kawa-Kawa Hill
    Location: California Village, Barangay Tuburan, Ligao, 4504 Albay, Philippines

    Sumlang Lake
    Location: Sumlang Lake, Daraga, Albay, Philippines

    Cagsawa Ruins
    Locations: Daraga, 4501 Albay, Philippines

  • Thousands Of Pilgrims Flock To Albays Kawa-kawa Hill On Good Friday

    Thousands Of Pilgrims Flock To Albays Kawa-kawa Hill On Good Friday

    More than 56,000 pilgrims and devotees visited Kawa-kawa Hill and natural park in Albay province to pray and do the "Way of the Cross" on Good Friday.

    The hill, known as the hill without the hilltop because of its cualdron shape, is known as one of Bicol Region's favorite destinations during the Lenten season. The faithful visit the hill for its life size sculptures depicting the 14 Stations of the Cross.

    Representative Fernando Gonzalez said the pilgrims have visited the place to meditate and share the sacrifice of Jesus Christ by staging of the Way of the Cross. Also known as Way of So ...

  • Exploring Albay Seven Things To Try

    Exploring Albay Seven Things To Try

    Albay is the home of the world renowned Mayon Volcano, the perfect-coned mountain that will make you fall in love with its beauty. True enough, wherever you are in Albay, you'll catch a glimpse of Mayon's perfection.

    This wonderful province is about 12 hours away from Manila by land, but you can catch daily flights from Manila to Legazpi for about 1000-2000php one way to save up about 10 hours per way. A 12-hour bus ride will cost 850php as of June 2016, so it's up to you whether you'd like to save up time or money.

    As a poor traveler, I chose to save up money and gathered a group of 10 ...

  • Kawa-Kawa Hill Mountaineering Adventure

    Kawa-Kawa Hill Mountaineering Adventure

    Located in California Village, Brgy. Tuburan, Ligao City in the province of Albay, Kawa-Kawa Hill is a 236 meter land form (hence a hill) that got its name from its unique features.

    The word "kawa" means cauldron in the local dialect. From afar the hil seems like any ordinary hill but when you reach the summit, you'd be amazed to find a six-hectare crater.

    What I find intresting in Kawa-Kawa Hill is the Stations of the Cross. Each station has larger than life statues portraying the events leading to Christ's final moments. The Stations are lined up in the 500-meter path to the crater the ...