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  • Diary Of A Mom With No Limits Part Deux

    Diary Of A Mom With No Limits Part Deux

    It's that time of the month again where I get to journal. As I shared last year, June is a special month for me. Aside from Father's Day, it is also the birth month of both my father-in-law and my husband. They both proudly call Bicol their home. So for this journal entry, I would like to share my experiences on how I now call Bicol my second home.

    My husband and I once discussed where we would like to settle down when we retire. I wanted a city life where I can visit the library and museums as often as I could. He wanted to retire in Bicol.

    We visit Bicol once a year during New Year be ...

  • Sili King And New Queen Shine In Magayon Festival

    Sili King And New Queen Shine In Magayon Festival

    For Jomar Balderama and Mary Jane Sorro, the newly crowned "Sili King" and "Sili Queen," joining the Hot-aw sa Kaonan (chili eating contest) during the "Magayon" Festival meant eating bowls of Bicol Express and Laing made spicier than usual by loads of siling labuyo (chili peppers).

    Balderama, who hails from Barangay (village) Tumpa in Camalig town, was also the Sili King in 2012 and 2015.

    He said eating and finishing the two bowls of Bicol specialties in just 57 seconds was his fastest time.

    "Whenever I join the contest, it really excites me because I would like to test myself if I c ...

  • Cagsawa Festival An Eruption Of Culture And Adventure

    Cagsawa Festival An Eruption Of Culture And Adventure

    On February 1, 1814, Mayon Volcano registered its most destructive eruption killing over 1,200 persons in the town of Cagsawa in Albay, and destroying its poblacion, or town proper.

    The Cagsawa Ruins, where only the church belfry stands, is what remains of the Spanish-era town whose population relocated to higher and safer grounds in present-day Daraga.

    Since then, the perfect-coned volcano would erupt every decade or so, though of smaller magnitude.

    In a unique twist of fate, a cultural festival was crafted in 2012 by former Albay Gov. Joey S. Salceda to mark the 198th anniversary of ...

  • Cagsawa Ruins Cinematic Shot

    The Cagsawa Ruins (also spelled as Kagsawaor Cagsaua) are the remnants of a 16th-century Franciscan church, the Cagsawa church. It was built in 1587 but was burned down by the marauding Dutch in 1636. However, it was reconstructed again in 1724 by Fr. Francisco Blanco. In February 1, 1814, Mayon Volcano caused its most violent and deadly eruption that engulfed the surrounding houses and killed nearly 2,000 people who took refuge inside the church. Only the belfry of the Cagsawa church remains as a grim and silent testimony of that fateful day. For almost two hundred years, it has withst ...

  • Cagsawa Park A Glimpse Into History

    Cagsawa Park A Glimpse Into History

    The Cagsawa Park is located just a few meters from the highway of Busay, Daraga, Albay. To reach this site, visitors can take a short walk or simply ride a tricycle. Its main feature is the bell tower of what was once the Cagsawa Church; the other parts of the church already disappeared beneath the lava that came from the Mayon Volcano way back in 1814, during what is known as the volcano's most destructive eruption, a tragedy that killed the thousands of individuals who took refuge inside the church.

    Today, visitors of Cagsawa are welcomed by the bell tower and the huge stones from the May ...

  • Daraga Church A Testament Of Albaynons Strong Faith

    Daraga Church A Testament Of Albaynons Strong Faith

    In an attempt to cover more attractions in the area.We rented a tricycle for 100pesos to directly take us to Daraga Church immediately after our ATV Adventure.The tricycle dropped us along the main road leading to the church as it is too steep for tricycles to reach.

    From the main road,you have to walk a few meters uphill to get to the church.It is situated in the highest section of the town.Understandably because this is where the faithfuls of Cagsawa Church transferred after the explosion of Mayon in 1814.It is therefore a testament of Albaynon's strong faith.

    This church was apparent ...