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  • Legazpi City Villagers Plant Mangroves On World Environment Day

    Children and students joined their elders in a mangrove planting activity in Barangay Puro, Legazpi City, an activity spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Bicol to celebrate World Environment Day, Monday.

    Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriguez, DENR-Bicol officer-in-charge/director, in an interview today, said she is heartened by the participation of the children in the activity which kicks off the celebration of June as Environment Month.

    "We also want to show to the elders in the community that the mangroves that were planted will also be for the benefit ...

  • New Attractions Chocolate Hills Of Albay

    New Attractions Chocolate Hills Of Albay

    A new tourist destination in Camalig, Albay is getting attention for its span of hills that look like the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Although the hills are not as rounded and symmetrical as those in Bohol, both share a strikingly similar appearance.

    To get there:

    From Legazpi City, ride a jeepney bound for Camalig town proper. Once in the town proper, look for a tricycle to take you to Quitinday Green Hills and Nature Park. You'll have to rent it for 500 pesos as it will wait for you and take you back to the city proper. This rate should cover visits to Sumlang Lake and back to town prope ...

  • Backpacking Albay In Hoyop-hoyopan Cave

    Backpacking Albay In Hoyop-hoyopan Cave

    Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave is a multi-level cavern of natural limestone that was discovered during WW2. The caved was used as a resistance hide out. It's named after the word "hoyop" or breeze.

    The cave is privately owned and manage by three families in Cotmon, Camalig. According to them the local tourism is planning to takeover the administration of this cave to push the conservation. Unfortunately this means an additional fee will be implemented soon. To date the entrance of the cave will cost PHP300 good for 6 pax or less.

    A tour takes around 30 minutes, you will see a dance floor where the l ...

  • Backpacking Albay Quitinday Green Hills Nature Park

    Backpacking Albay Quitinday Green Hills Nature Park


  • Backpacking Albay Quitinday Green Hills Nature Park

    Backpacking Albay Quitinday Green Hills Nature Park

    One of the hidden gems of Camalig, Bicol's version of famous chocolate hills only its shape resembles the region's famous pili nuts. It is hidden in the sense that most Albayanos are not even aware of it. But for visitors and locals who travel by plane to Legazpi, an impressive aerial view of these hills is one of the first things that welcomes them when the plane approaches Legazpi Domestic Airport.

    Planning to go within the trails of the hills is not that difficult. In your arrival, you will be welcomed by the tourism officer. The tourists will also be required to write their names on the ...

  • Pasyal Sa Sumlang Lake In Albay

    Pasyal sa Sumlang Lake located in the municipality of Camalig, Albay, Philippines.