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  • Travel Guide Pinamuntugan Island-The Hidden White Sand Paradise In Albay

    Travel Guide Pinamuntugan Island-The Hidden White Sand Paradise In Albay

    Pinamuntugan Island is one of the unique island and beach destinations located off the coast of Cagraray Island in Albay. It is without refinement, a little wilder, slightly more untamed and significantly less touristy than its neighbor destinations. With a limited accommodation and infrastructure, it is surely an Eden for intrepid explorer who loves a rugged, less refined island with natural landscape. This simple and distinct island is now gaining popularity as it shines itself as one of the few white sand beaches in Albay. The island's stand-alone rock formation is somewhat the landmark and ...

  • Mosboron Beach At Cagraray Island Bacacay Albay

    Our summer getaway at Mosboron beach, located at Cagraray Island Bacacay Albay.

  • Misibis Bay Bicols Luxury Island Playground

    Misibis Bay Bicols Luxury Island Playground

    A tropical Eden on Cagraray Island facing the Pacific Ocean. That's how Small Luxury Hotels of the World Group describes Misibis Bay, and I couldn't agree more. As of 2016, Misibis, a five-hectare, five-star island resort, is one of the three small, independent resorts in the Philippines that belong to the roster of the elite and prestigious SLH. Being a member of the SLH ensures that the resort is simply world-class.

    I think my Misibis summer get-away with my colleagues is our historic first personal out-of-town trip where we didn't bring any tents, butanes or cooking oil. Our destination ...

  • Bicol Part 2 Park Waterfalls And Lagoons

    Bicol Part 2 Park Waterfalls And Lagoons

    Here's the second part of my travel diary for Bicol.

    We were quite unlucky with the weather the following days; wherever we went, the sky always promised gloom and doom. We had to reshuffle our to-do list because of this, crossing out some of the plans we'd made and came up with new ones to make the most out of our stay. Still tired and hungover from yesterday's adventures, most of day 2 was spent quietly on the road. From this I learned that you can't underestimate what wonder a road trip in Albay can do you. Even in the cold and damp weather, the two-hour drive from Legazpi City to the is ...

  • A Bicol Triad Albay Masbate Sorsogon

    A Bicol Triad Albay Masbate Sorsogon

    The place to stay in the whole of Albay is the hilltop Oriental Hotel in Legazpi City, the capital. It's a classy, deluxe establishment in glass and metal, with white as the dominant color. The cuisine is highly recommended??"local and international dishes with a distinct Bicolano flavor.

    The hotel ( has a grand view of the surrounding mountains and hills, buildings and residences and, of course, iconic Mt. Mayon. The Oriental is surrounded by coconut-palm, malunggay and banana trees.

    An hour's drive from the urban center is the island town of Cagraray and its Eco-Pa ...

  • Alon piloted its project in Bacacay Albay

    Alon is a campaign promoting marine conservation education in the Philippines.

    On May 28-31, 2015, Alon piloted its project in Bacacay, Albay. A team of volunteer videographers, skindivers, and facilitators documented the story of Uson Buang Pongco-Bogña Fish Sanctuary and Marine Reserve where high school students went diving for the first time. The students were taught the basic principles of marine conservation and marine life identification. They also had the chance to meet and be inspired by the people behind the Fish Sanctuary-Marine Reserve.

    The project was pitched to Save Philip ...