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  • Experience Boracay Willys Rock And Jawili Falls Side Trip

    Experience Boracay Willys Rock And Jawili Falls Side Trip

    Finally, we are now down to the last installment of this whole Boracay trip series. Yaaaaay! Our departure date was March 2, 2017. But before we headed back to Manila, we did few more things to fully took advantage the last remaining hours we had in the beautiful land of Aklan.

    Willy's Rock

    We tried our best to wake up early in the morning to push through our remaining plans for the day. After freshening up, we went to Boracay Grotto, also known as the Willy's Rock. We were able to see this rock formation from the other nights during high tide when the Willy's Rock becomes an islet. We t ...

  • Locals Spot Playful Dolphins In Aklan Waters

    Locals Spot Playful Dolphins In Aklan Waters

    On September 13, at least 15 dolphins wandered into the Aklan waters, specifically in Barangay Afga, Tangalan.

    According to reports gathered, the dolphins could have been looking for food and ended up in the shallow area of the Aklan waters.

    The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) provided a video showing the dolphins frolicking, swimming, and playing with each other in the Tangalan waters.

    They were estimated to have spent at least an hour in the area before swimming into deeper parts of the sea.

    Meanwhile, another source revealed that some fishermen saw a t ...

  • The 24th Waterfalls-Jawili Falls

    The 24th Waterfalls-Jawili Falls

    Location : Tangalan, Aklan
    Date : April 06, 2015

    The falls can be reached via Iloilo-Aklan Road passing through Tanagalan, Aklan. You can park your car beside the road and the falls is already visible by the road. You need to walk maybe a hundred meters to reach the pool.

  • To Boracay And Beyond 9 Things To Do Near Boracay

    To Boracay And Beyond 9 Things To Do Near Boracay

    In a province like Aklan where tourists could be seen frequenting the island of Boracay, one might consider opting for a quiet place to stop and breathe. Luckily the area is filled with an array of activities randomly spread beyond what it's famous for. Here, we listed down things to do outside Boracay.

    1. Wild swimming in Hurom-Hurom springs

    Begin your adventure with the sound of fresh water flowing through rocks and kick off by riding a kayak down the river of Gibon. Spot some deer and hornbills, and stop by to say hi to some tourists you may encounter, if there's any.

    Location: Nab ...

  • The Majestic Jawili Falls

    The Majestic Jawili Falls

    Jawili Falls in Tangalan is not the spot for love-at-first-sight seekers by the looks of the facade, but when explored yonder is a class of its own showcasing seven basins of rough limestone poised like massive steps on the mountainside where clear waters stream from each pool ??" staging glorious waterfalls that speak to the soul to keep calm and take a plunge.

    The pools run as deep as ten feet on some parts, and the apex of the falls gives an eagle's view of the stream that leads deeper into the mountain that is like Mona Lisa's smile ??" in equal parts beautiful and mysterious.

    Severa ...

  • Jawili Falls

    Jawili Falls

    This time we went to Jawili Falls with my college BFF, this place was awesome, when we went there its so peaceful, just a couple of foreign people was there, perfect place to have peace of mind, locals are friendly and accommodating, the entire place was so clean you cant see any garbage or plastic food wrappers, you are allowed to bring food and eat beside the falls just make sure you throw it properly to the garbage bin!.

    We arrived around 1 pm, from Kalibo to Tangalan we rode a big jeepney type, then tricycle from the town to Jawili Falls, we left the place at 3 pm, then we wait for a tr ...