Snibaa Falls

Ibajay, Aklan

Snibaa Falls is a series of waterfalls located in Brgy. Aparicio, Ibajay, Aklan. The water is cool and the seclusion of the area offers a perfect space to escape the craziness of your day-to-day routine.

Snibaa Falls News

  • The Majestic Snibaa Falls

    The Majestic Snibaa Falls

    I tried looking for a nearer place from Boracay or just within Aklan where I can spend days off and a little photography with Mother Nature. You know, trying hard to get the best picture of the nature, foods and trips.

    I found this place a month ago through facebook page. And one of the ASU- Ibajay teacher showed me some photos of the river.

    "You will never be alone with nature". Roughly an hour from the town proper of Ibajay you will reached this beautiful God's creation. The sounds of a humming birds, crickets, and a fresh air that soothes through your veins. How relaxing, indeed.


  • Sniba-a Falls in Ibajay Aklan.

    20 feet waterfalls located in Aparicio, one of the barangays in Ibajay, Aklan.

  • 7 Superb Reasons To Drop By Ibajay En Route To Boracay

    7 Superb Reasons To Drop By Ibajay En Route To Boracay

    Traveling to Aklan's island paradise? Take a side trip to this town of archaic feasts & timeworn landmarks.

    1) Ati-Ati Festival

    Ibajay (pronounced "i-ba-háy") is the custodian of Aklan's living heritage, anchored on the strength of its army of ancients.

    This force is led by the merrymakers and devotees of the Ati-ati Festival, the town's version of the Kalibo Ati-atihan, and which is purportedly older and more authentic than its more famous sibling.

    The hundreds of adults and children covered in soot from head to toe, dancing and skipping to the beat of drums, are but today's avat ...