Sampaguita Gardens

Banga, Aklan

Sampaguita Gardens is a 2.6- hectare boutique resort located in Aklan of Sam Butcher, the artist and creator of the Precious Moments doll with its signature teardrop loving eyes.

Sampaguita Gardens News

  • Discovering Kalibo Sampaguita Gardens

    Discovering Kalibo Sampaguita Gardens

    The Ati-Atihan Festival is one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines. This is celebrated every January in honor of Sto. Nino in the town of Kalibo.

    But aside from this most-sought after celebration, Kalibo is also home to other tourist spots in the city. Since our Kalibo adventure was never planned, we decided to have a do-it-your-own tour of Kalibo in one day.

    Our first stop was the home of Precious Moments dolls ??" the Sampaguita Gardens.

    Coming from Kalibo proper, we rode a jeepney going to New Washington ??" the place where Sampaguita Gardens is located. Jeepney fare ...

  • An Afternoon in Sampaguita Gardens in Aklan

    An Afternoon in Sampaguita Gardens in Aklan

    After a short rest in Ati-Atihan County Inn, we continued our Aklan escapade as we made our way to Sampaguita Gardens in the town of New Washington. The town is about 8 kilometers from Kalibo. From the Ati-Atihan County Inn, we just told the tricycle driver to bring us to the jeepney terminal going to New Washington. The tricycle fare was 8 pesos per person. The terminal is located in Cardinal Jaime Sin Avenue, the same avenue going to the Kalibo Airport. We had to wait for a few minutes for the jeepney to fill up before we were on our way. It took us only 20 minutes to get to New Washington. ...

  • Sampaguita Gardens Resort New Washington Aklan Philippines

    Sampaguita Gardens Resort New Washington Aklan Philippines

    My sister was in Aklan years ago but she didn't visit Sampaguita Garden Resort because she and her group's schedule were too hectic. That's why when we planned to go to Boracay, we took the flight going in and out of Kalibo. Before going back to Manila we dropped by in Sampaguita Garden Resort. It was a nice experience because Christmas Carols greeted us as we enter the gate to think that it was not Christmas, the song was Silent Night. I love the merriment of Christmas even it's already commercialized.

    The resort theme is a year round Christmas. It was conceptualized by Samuel John Butcher ...

  • Where Everyday it is Christmas

    Where Everyday it is Christmas

    In Aklan, there is a place where you can enjoy Christmas atmosphere anytime of the year. Blissfully tucked in New Washington, about 25 minutes away by land from Kalibo town proper, is Sampaguita Gardens.

    Upon entering the 2.6 hectare boutique resort, an army of life-size cherubs will greet you. This lovely place is actually owned by the illustrator Samuel Butcher, creator of the iconic Precious Moments. Based on anecdotes, it was in 1981 when Butcher traveled to the Philippines with Bill Biel to provide financial assistance to a Bible College in Iloilo City.

    Lording over the resort i ...