Pangihan Cave

Malay, Aklan

Pangihan Cave is a wildlife sanctuary of native bats in Brgy. Poblacion, Malay, Aklan with an area of 5,001 sq.m. It has eight connecting chambers which also offer huge stalactite and stalagmite formations along the walls and the roof of the cave.

Pangihan Cave News

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  • Pangihan Cave - Part 2

    Trekking the entrance to Pangihan Cave in Aklan, Philippines.

  • Pangihan Cave in Malay Aklan

    Pangihan Cave in Malay Aklan

    They know where happiness lies, not in a cave, but in love and the freedom to give and take what has been there all along." - Amy Tan

    With stalactites, stalagmites, crystals and a plethora of bats, every chamber of Pangihan is a world of wonder.

    From Caticlan airport or jetty port, Pangihan in Malay, Aklan could be reached via 15 minute tryke ride (P100).

    Entrance fee is P50 and hiring of tour guide costs P150. Spelunking in Pangihan makes a good prelude to your Boracay escapade.

  • Another attraction Pangihan Cave in Malay Aklan

    View of the impressive stalactites at the entrance of Pangihan Cave in Malay, Aklan.

    Another attraction in Malay, Aklan is Pangihan Cave. Just 15-20 minutes from Caticlan Airport, is Barangay Poblacion where you'll find the cave. The cave is said to have 8 chambers but we were only able to explore 3 since we were pressed for time.

    The whole cave system is said to have an area of 5,001 sq. m and can be explored in 45-minutes.

    Cave interiors and guides.

    The cave still has impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations but sadly there were lots of Vandalism in the interior walls. I ...