Manduyog Hill

Banga, Aklan

Manduyog Hill is located on the Aklan State University Main Campus in Banga, Aklan. Manduyog Hill serenely stands at the eastern side of the Aklan State University in the municipality of Banga. Covered with lush green vegetation that turns to varied hues in summer, the hill occupies a segment in Aklan's history.

Although disputed by some sceptics as mere legends, Banganhons still be ...

lieve that in 1437, Datu Manduyog, a descendant of the Borneo Datu during his reign as the ruler of Aklan transferred the seat of government from Batan to Bakan in Banga at the foot of the hill now named after the valiant Datu. The hill then served as a watch tower to warn the natives against invading Moro pirates.

Today, Manduyog Hill attracts visitors not only within the province but even from other provinces in the country. During fiest day every September 14 and the Lenten season, throngs of multitudes go up the Hill not only the religious fervor, but also by the captivating spell of its magical tranquility.  Wiki

Manduyog Hill News

  • Aklan State University to open Manduyog Hill for tourism

    Aklan State University to open Manduyog Hill for tourism

    The Aklan State University (ASU)-Banga Campus is set to open its doors for ecological tourism in Manduyog Hill here.

    Manduyog Hill is a religious sanctuary in the province and is a sprawling hill serving as a laboratory and center for agricultural research of the said university.

    "We receive reports that the Manduyog Hill has become a favorite site of budding photographers and lovers. We are also up to a challenge of having the most number of devotees as a pilgrim site during Holy Week in Western Visayas," said Dr. Danilo Abayon, ASU president.

    Since Manduyog Hill is now turning into ...

  • The Philippines Oldest Province

    The Philippines Oldest Province

    Aklan is said to be the oldest province in the Philippines, organized in 1213 by settlers from Borneo as the Minuro it Aklan to include what is now the province of Capiz. It was inaugurated as an independent province in November 8, 1956.

    Aklan encompasses the northeastern portion of Panay Island and nearby Boracay Island, both situated within the Visayas island group. The province is bordered by the Sulu Sea on the northwest, the Sibuyan on the northeast and the east by the province of Antique on the west, and by the province of Capiz on the south.

    The Aklan provincial government recomme ...

  • Manduyog Hill and the 14 Stations of the Cross

    Manduyog Hill and the 14 Stations of the Cross

    Manduyog Hill is named after the valiant Datu Manduyog who ruled Aklan at pre-Hispanic time. It served as a watch tower to warn the natives against the invading Moro Pirates. (This historical vignette has no historical basis, but has been manufactured in such a way as to acquire a hint of historical veracity, primarily through yearly programs or shows supposedly commemorating that historical event. Nonetheless, it has found no support among the established and respected historians of the Philippines, and is thus relegated as folklore of no historical provenance or significance.)

    In 1565, Mi ...

  • Wandering in Kalibo

    Wandering in Kalibo

    Kalibo is known as one of the gateways to Boracay island. Bigger than the Caticlan airport, which is nearer the tiny island, the Kalibo International Airport can accommodate bigger aircrafts and chartered flights from Taiwan and South Korea.

    While most tourists that pass through Kalibo only stay long enough to board a bus or van to Caticlan, there are those that head to this municipality every third weekend of January for the ati-atihan festival.

    I've done those two, so when there was an opportunity to stay with a friend who lives in Kalibo, I quickly grabbed it.

    Chris, our host, took ...