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  • Bakhawan Eco-Park Philippines Mangrove Paradise

    Bakhawan Eco-Park Philippines Mangrove Paradise

    Aside from the famous Boracay Island, there is an eco-tourism attraction that's worth a visit in Aklan, Philippines. The Bakhawan Eco-Park is a mangrove forest located in Brgy. New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines. It is a joint-project of the government and several non-government organizations to create a mangrove reforestation in Brgy. New Buswang to prevent flood and storm surges. It is dubbed as one of the Philippines' most successful mangrove reforestation project. The word "bakhawan" literally meant "mangrove" in their local dialect.

    How to get there

    From Kalibo, take a tricycle ...

  • Bakhawan Eco Park Kalibo EP114

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    As its the last morning of my travels in The Philippines i decided to do my final bits or tourism!

    What camera do i use? GoPro Hero 4 Silver.
    Am I upgrading my camera gear? Yes, Very Soon.
    What video editing program do i use? Final Cut Pro X.

  • Throwback To My Ati-Atihan Experience

    Throwback To My Ati-Atihan Experience

    I created this post 6 years ago in my old blog named "The Little Raconteur", please do bare with my grammar when I was younger hahaha.

    I have been telling too much about Mindanao, now let us see what Visayas has to offer. When we say Visayas things that always come in our mind are; Boracay, Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island, Magellans Monument in Mactan, Daing, Dried mangoes and many more. But let us dig deeper to explore more about this one of the wonderful places in the Philippines.

    This place is known because of the famous island of Boracay and where the street dancing really originated f ...

  • Ati-Atihan Festival Colorful And Most Fun In The Philippines

    Ati-Atihan Festival Colorful And Most Fun In The Philippines

    Appearance was 800 years, Ati-Atihan festival is considered the largest spring, colorful and most fun in the Philippines.

    If to Kalibo, Aklan provincial center in Panay Island, Philippines on the 3rd week of January, you will be treated to the most spectacular festival and the oldest of the country. This is an occasion to honor the Filipino people Baby Jesus, the patron for the whole country. Just to the occasion, Kalibo becomes vibrant with colorful costumes, wild dancing and drumming thrill everywhere.

    Ati-Atihan Festival stems from the thirteenth century when a group of Malay immigran ...

  • The Success That Is Bakhawan Eco-Park

    The Success That Is Bakhawan Eco-Park

    I have stepped foot in Kalibo many times before but never as someone who would spend a night and care to explore the town itself. It has always just been a gateway to Boracay for me.

    But my week-long venture to Panay Island has allowed me to finally book one night in one of its hotels and encouraged me to finally plan a short Kalibo exploration. It was also inspired by a friend's recent trip.

    After my three day stay in Roxas City, Capiz, me and my friend met in La Esperanza hotel in Kalibo. The following morning, we woke up early and headed to Bakhawan Eco-Park right after eating breakfa ...

  • Tamilok Challenge At Bakhawan Eco Park

    Tamilok Challenge at Bakhawan Eco Park, Kalibo Aklan Philippines.

    Here's my cousin who accepted the challenge to eat 'Tamilok' or woodworm at Bakhawan Eco Park here in Kalibo, Aklan. For those of you who are looking for exotic foods, you might wanna try tamilok. Eat it raw!