Jawili Falls

Tangalan, Aklan

Jawili Falls are located in Tangalan, Aklan. The falls have seven basins tiered about 20 feet apart. The highest basin is about a 100 feet high, oval-shaped, around 240 sq. ft. in area and 12 feet deep with clear water almost like a small lake.

The other basins are of similar shapes from 130 sq ft to 240 sq ft in area and 8-10 feet deep except the sixth basin which has a swimming a ...

rea of around 540 square feet.

Jawili Falls News

  • Experience Boracay Willys Rock And Jawili Falls Side Trip

    Experience Boracay Willys Rock And Jawili Falls Side Trip

    Finally, we are now down to the last installment of this whole Boracay trip series. Yaaaaay! Our departure date was March 2, 2017. But before we headed back to Manila, we did few more things to fully took advantage the last remaining hours we had in the beautiful land of Aklan.

    Willy's Rock

    We tried our best to wake up early in the morning to push through our remaining plans for the day. After freshening up, we went to Boracay Grotto, also known as the Willy's Rock. We were able to see this rock formation from the other nights during high tide when the Willy's Rock becomes an islet. We t ...

  • 5 Hidden Jewels In Aklan Worth Exploring

    5 Hidden Jewels In Aklan Worth Exploring

    When you mention Boracay, people will immediately think of an island with fine white sand and wild night parties. With its fame, the small island sometimes overshadows its mother province of Aklan. But locals know that Aklan is more than just Boracay. It is a land with so much more to offer.

    Mainland Aklan is home to many other paradise-like destinations aside from Boracay like beaches and other exciting places for travelers. Should you have a day or two to spare during your Boracay vacation, you can (and should!) visit these paradise-like destinations, which are just within reach.

    Ariel ...

  • Windmills Wind Farm Project In Nabas Aklan

    There's an entrance fee of 10 pesos per head to the top of the hill where you can widely see the windmills. We also get through the Jawili falls with 5 pesos aklan resident fee and 25 pesos for non residents. The travel time using a motorcycle from kalibo proper to Nabas windmills is 2 hours more or less. You guys can also visit Talabahan, Hurom hurom, Sampaguita Gardens, Bakhawan and of course 2016 World's best island, BORACAY!!!

  • Kalibo Aklan 2015 Jawili Falls Jawili Beach Agfa Point And Tangalan Church

    Kalibo Aklan 2015 Jawili Falls Jawili Beach Agfa Point And Tangalan Church

    Jawili initially looked too far and too time-consuming to fit in my itinerary. But when I ended up with an extra morning on my second day, this was the first destination that came to mind.

    Jawili Falls and Jawili Beach could be accessed via the town of Tangalan. After breakfast the second day, I boarded a tricycle going to the Tangalan jeepney terminal (Php8) and found myself the first jeepney passenger. I had to wait for a while, but it was a good thing the jeepney left even if it wasn't full yet. Fare to Tangalan is Php20, and travel takes around 30-45 minutes. I asked the driver to drop ...

  • Why Tangalan Is More Than Just a Side Trip From Aklan

    Why Tangalan Is More Than Just a Side Trip From Aklan

    Whether you are planning a side trip after visiting Boracay or are looking for other destinations in Aklan, you might want to experience Tangalan. This 5th class municipality is located between the famous tourist destination Boracay and the home of the Ati-atihan festival, which is Kalibo. It is part of the Western Visayas region and can be found in the Island of Panay. If you want to be in tranquil and beautiful beach but without tourists swarming the place, this is the perfect destination for you. This municipality boasts of sceneries and nature which make it a haven for backpackers and phot ...

  • Jawili Falls And Beach Resort

    Jawili Falls And Beach Resort

    The first stop on my Asian expedition was the Philippines. Many of my friends in Korea have visited and raved about Boracay, the paradise island that's renowned for its white beach and never ending parties. I was eager to see what all the fuss was about, but it didn't feel like the right place to begin travelling.

    After some research I stumbled upon a small beach village called Jawili that boasted a 7 tiered waterfall. It was the perfect location, just 30 minutes outside of Kalibo and bringing me closer to beautiful Boracay. From Kalibo terminal you can take a jeepney which run regularly to ...