Hinugtan Beach

Buruanga, Aklan

Hinugtan Beach is located in the municipality of Buruanga, Aklan. It is a long stretch of white sand which is a replica of Boracay. To get the best of this island, climb hundred steps and you will get 180 degree view of the island.

Hinugtan Beach News

  • 5 Hidden Jewels In Aklan Worth Exploring

    5 Hidden Jewels In Aklan Worth Exploring

    When you mention Boracay, people will immediately think of an island with fine white sand and wild night parties. With its fame, the small island sometimes overshadows its mother province of Aklan. But locals know that Aklan is more than just Boracay. It is a land with so much more to offer.

    Mainland Aklan is home to many other paradise-like destinations aside from Boracay like beaches and other exciting places for travelers. Should you have a day or two to spare during your Boracay vacation, you can (and should!) visit these paradise-like destinations, which are just within reach.

    Ariel ...

  • The Unspoiled Natural Wonders Of Hinugtan Beach

    The Unspoiled Natural Wonders Of Hinugtan Beach

    "You can fall in love and live a lifetime in just a moment." - Anonymous

    In the northernmost tip of Aklan, about two hours away from my hometown Kalibo is a zen zone of sparkling white sand, crystal clear waters and virgin coast, that can surely captivate a heart. It is known as Hinugtan, one of the few remaining unspoiled natural wonders of Buruanga.

    Since I wanted a beach all to myself, I decided to explore this neighboring beach of Boracay. I rented a habal-habal from Caticlan going to Alegria Port of Buruanga and from there asked a local boatman to take me to Hinugtan. Boat ride is l ...

  • A secluded Hinugtan Beach of Aklan

    A secluded Hinugtan Beach of Aklan

    Found at the westernmost part of the province of Aklan is a quiet coastal town with natural wonders waiting to be explored. And if you adore off-the-beaten beaches and you are up for a little (mis)adventure, then Hinugtan Beach in Buruanga would probably charm your wandering soul.

    Hinugtan Beach is a secluded, white sand beach fringed by coconut trees, is said to be a replica of Boracay's, only it is a smaller version. But unlike Boracay, what you'll stumble on is delight in solitude, enjoyment that isn't too pricey on your pocket.

    Buruanga, being an out-of-the-way destination, does not ...

  • The PH Hidden Pearl Sits Right Beside Its Most Famous Island

    The PH Hidden Pearl Sits Right Beside Its Most Famous Island

    A short boat ride from world-famous Boracay Island is one of the most beautiful places this side of the archipelago. Here are 9 reasons that make Buruanga, Aklan a must-visit destination.

    Back then, the sea couldn't decide what to do with Buruanga's coastline.

    She hammered some parts, cracked them into jagged cliffs with deep waters at their feet.

    She took it easy with some beaches, even gifting them with the same white sand that would make a nearby island world-famous in the future. She wrapped a maze of mangroves around a stretch.

    In one spot, she allowed the people to settle, t ...

  • Top 10 Things To Do in Aklan

    Top 10 Things To Do in Aklan

    Aklan is very famous for having one of the best white beaches in the planet. This province is not just all about Boracay, it also has other interesting tourism spots that tourists can explore. Listed below are the top 10 things to do in Aklan.

    1. Experience the Ati-atihan Festivall

    The Ati-atihan Festival is a feast honoring the Santo NiƱo. It is a weeklong celebration culminating on the third Sunday of January. It is one big mardi gras where the audience get to interact with the contingents coming not only from within Aklan but also from neighboring provinces.

    Ati-atihan means "to b ...

  • A Taste of Western Visayas Aklan

    A Taste of Western Visayas Aklan

    If you are given a free splurge in one of the provinces in the Philippines, which will you pick Have you ever thought of visiting Aklan in Western Visayas Oh yeah, that's in Bora! Hey wait, I would like to have a quick review on geography.

    Boracay is an island in the municipality of Malay, Aklan composed of 3 barangays namely Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak. Caticlan is where you take a 10 minute boat ride which they call Jetty Port. Cagban Port is the gateway to the island where you can get a ride heading to your hotel. And please, don't call it Bora, its Boracay. Be careful since locals a ...