Diniwid Beach

Malay, Aklan

Diniwid Beach is a small beach located right next to Boracay's famed White Beach. It's a 15-minute walk through a semi-hidden, cliffside trail from the upscale Station 1, and around a 20-minute, Php100 ("special") tricycle ride from D'Mall in Station 2, the heart of Boracay's action.

Diniwid Beach News

  • Boracay Island Hopping During The Amihan Season

    Boracay Island Hopping During The Amihan Season

    When the boatman tells you to jump??"roiling waters or not??"you jump. And I did, donning a full-face snorkeling mask, feet with fins, and one hand grappling an action camera . I hit the cold waters of Boracay in all its murky glory and surfaced a few seconds after. The sea was very choppy and the current was a bit strong, but I swam nonetheless, stabilizing myself with my fins every now and then to watch schools of small colorful fishes swirl around on unexpectedly lush coral beds. I was expecting a calmer swimming experience since it was almost summertime in Boracay, but it seemed that this ...

  • Boracay Island a First Timers Guide To 3 Days And 2 Nights In Paradise

    Boracay Island a First Timers Guide To 3 Days And 2 Nights In Paradise

    Boracay is a small island located approximately 315 km south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Named as Best Overall Island in 2012 by Travel+Leisure Magazine, Boracay has become the ultimate beach destination in the country.

    The fine white sand, the crystal blue waters and the nightlife are few of the things I've always wanted to experience whenever Boracay comes to mind. Saving up for this trip, I got the chance to visit the glorious coast of this known island finally. Although many say that Boracay is slowly losing ...

  • Exploring Boracays Other Beaches

    Exploring Boracays Other Beaches

    A tricycle took us all the way north to Puka, named after the abundant puka shells on the beach. The sea was rough but beautiful with every tone of blue shining in the sun. Some young lads played on skim boards and we enjoyed the breeze walking along the shores. It was too rough for me to swim in but there was no denying it's beauty.

    A tricycle then took us south to Bulabog beach which was only 500m across the island but a world away from white beach. The sea was extremely choppy and not very clean, but that didn't deter the dozens of kite surfers speeding through the waves. The area surrou ...

  • Exciting Beach Getaways In The Philippines Rain Or Shine

    Exciting Beach Getaways In The Philippines Rain Or Shine

    It takes endless months of drudgery in front of the computer to dull one's senses, but a simple ocean view can easily bring a person back to life. With the Philippines as target, one can't miss. It offers a lot of beach destinations for being an archipelago anyway. Like a showcase talent, it is its main draw. Then you meet locals at the shore and you discover the heart of the attraction. For others, it's just a side trip to get bronzed before another destination. Regardless of the intention, securing a spot of paradise is easy.

    The chief hurdle to having a beach getaway is bad weather. This ...

  • On Foot From Boracays White Beach To Diniwid Beach

    On Foot From Boracays White Beach To Diniwid Beach

    Our steps made temporary marks on the fine white sand en route to the rocky cliff that marks the end of the Boracay's White Beach. From what we heard, there's also nice beach waiting for us at the other side called Diniwid Beach. We wanted to see for ourselves if it can hold its own against its more famous neighbor or even Puka Beach.

    I have walked the entire stretch of the White Beach before and it took more than a few hours to get from Station 3 to Station 1 and back again. Good thing, this time, we started our march from The District, which is located in the middle of Station 2 where we ...

  • The Afternoon Stroll From White Beach To Diniwid Beach

    The Afternoon Stroll From White Beach To Diniwid Beach

    Realizing that we were trapped for hours within the confines of our hotel room, watching television and activating social network accounts, we decided to move and heed the call of exploration.

    This will be my first time to walk past Station 1 of the famed White Beach and discover another beach of the island ??"Diniwid.

    The afternoon stroll at the White Beach is quite rewarding. Local fishermen transform themselves into tour guides as paraws are prepared for tourists wanting to experience sunset lying on the side nets of the sailing boats. Then, there are Korean nationals who care less ...