Bulabog Beach

Malay, Aklan

This is the 2.5km long water sports beach of Boracay, and is located on the east side of the island. From November to April, Bulabog Beach is the kite boarding and windsurfing heart of Boracay. From May to October it is the water sports centre of Boracay. It is a 5 minute walk to D'Mall, 10 minutes to White Beach. There are some fantastic resorts and hotels that take advantage of this unique beach ...

community. The beach is protected by an offshore reef.

Bulabog Beach News

  • Boracays Bulabog Beach

    Boracays Bulabog Beach

    When you hear people talk about Boracay Beach, they are most likely referring to the glorious White Beach on the western side of Boracay Island. But White Beach is not the only sandy stretch on Boracay, and it's definitely not the only one which deserves to be visited. Enter, Bulabog Beach ??" an often preferred alternative to massively popularly White Beach.

    How to Get to Bulabog Beach

    Bulabog Beach sits on the eastern side of the island, while White Beach is on the western side. The narrow strip of land that separates the two beaches is mostly occupied by a cemented road, the main tho ...

  • Exploring Boracays Other Beaches

    Exploring Boracays Other Beaches

    A tricycle took us all the way north to Puka, named after the abundant puka shells on the beach. The sea was rough but beautiful with every tone of blue shining in the sun. Some young lads played on skim boards and we enjoyed the breeze walking along the shores. It was too rough for me to swim in but there was no denying it's beauty.

    A tricycle then took us south to Bulabog beach which was only 500m across the island but a world away from white beach. The sea was extremely choppy and not very clean, but that didn't deter the dozens of kite surfers speeding through the waves. The area surrou ...

  • Why Biodiversity Matters

    Why Biodiversity Matters

    Consider the following: Southeast Asia occupies a mere 3 percent of the earth's total surface, yet is home to 20 percent of all known species of plants and animals on the planet. The region possesses 284,000 square kilometers, or one-third, of all of the earth's coral reefs, and as divers will attest, what we have are among the most diverse, and the most beautiful, in the world. The mountains, jungles, lakes, rivers and seas of our region make up one of the biggest pools of biological diversity in the world.

    Three Southeast Asian countries??"Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines??"are amo ...

  • 5 Things To Do In Boracay This Summer A Second Chance Under The Stars

    5 Things To Do In Boracay This Summer A Second Chance Under The Stars

    Summer means Boracay, and Boracay means fun!

    In the Readers' Choice Awards 2015 of US-based luxury and lifestyle travel online magazine Condé Nast Traveler, Boracay was included in the list of the "20 Best Islands in the World." Who doesn't know Boracay? When one thinks of powdery white sand beaches, this island in the Visayas has become the default answer. (Not the only one, of course!)

    The idyllic destination can be likened to a one-stop shop where one can swim, snorkel, watch the sunset, go on a foodtrip, and party until sunrise.

    Here are just some of the activities that you shoul ...

  • Kiteboarding Event Set In Boracay

    Kiteboarding Event Set In Boracay

    At least 100 local and international kiteboard riders are expected to flock in this resort island for the second leg of the International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) Philippine Kiteboarding Tour Season 3 on Jan. 8-10.

    The event will be held along Bulabog beach, a 2.5 kilometer-long water sports beach located on the east side of Boracay.

    The tour is being organized by the Philippine Kiteboarding Association.

    Competition will start on Jan. 8 until the afternoon of Jan. 10. Male and female riders will battle in the twin tip race (masters), novice twin tip race, freestyle an ...

  • Trips of thrills where to go for adventure activities in the Philippines

    Trips of thrills where to go for adventure activities in the Philippines

    If your idea of vacation is less of bumming-around-the-beach and more of riding-the-waves and trekking-on-rock-cliffs, the Philippines has those kinds of activities in spades. With its diverse natural structure, our tropical country is home to prime spots for summer sports and activities, from surfing and wakeboarding to hiking and rock climbing.

    Ride the waves

    The Philippines is now on the map of the international surfing scene thanks to Siargao in Surigao del Norte. Local and foreign surfers flock to the island for a chance to ride its famous Cloud 9, but other provinces are also makin ...