Basang Hurom Springs

Nabas, Aklan

Basang and Hurom Hurom Cold Springs are located in Brgy. Laserna, Nabas, Aklan. These alternative summer destinations offer the beauty of fresh water gushing from nature-hewn rocks and exhilarating adventure down from Gibon river in a kayak.

Basang and Hurom Hurom Cold Springs News

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    5 Hidden Jewels In Aklan Worth Exploring

    When you mention Boracay, people will immediately think of an island with fine white sand and wild night parties. With its fame, the small island sometimes overshadows its mother province of Aklan. But locals know that Aklan is more than just Boracay. It is a land with so much more to offer.

    Mainland Aklan is home to many other paradise-like destinations aside from Boracay like beaches and other exciting places for travelers. Should you have a day or two to spare during your Boracay vacation, you can (and should!) visit these paradise-like destinations, which are just within reach.

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    To Boracay And Beyond 9 Things To Do Near Boracay

    In a province like Aklan where tourists could be seen frequenting the island of Boracay, one might consider opting for a quiet place to stop and breathe. Luckily the area is filled with an array of activities randomly spread beyond what it's famous for. Here, we listed down things to do outside Boracay.

    1. Wild swimming in Hurom-Hurom springs

    Begin your adventure with the sound of fresh water flowing through rocks and kick off by riding a kayak down the river of Gibon. Spot some deer and hornbills, and stop by to say hi to some tourists you may encounter, if there's any.

    Location: Nab ...

  • Visit the off beaten track destination of Aklan

    Visit the off beaten track destination of Aklan

    Aklan province's claim to fame is Boracay, an island located about a kilometer from the province's northwestern tip. But there is more to this modest coastal province.

    Buruanga is an off-the-beaten-track destination full of natural attractions. Plunge into the turquoise waters of Ariel's Point(formerly called Batason Point). The cliff diving is amazing. Buruanga Point is a haven for snorkeling and diving. Nearby Wasak-Wasak Beach in the village of Alegria has crystal-clear emerald waters. You'll also find Tuburan Beach and private Hinugtan Beach, fringed by coconut trees and wilderness.


  • A Taste of Western Visayas Aklan

    A Taste of Western Visayas Aklan

    If you are given a free splurge in one of the provinces in the Philippines, which will you pick Have you ever thought of visiting Aklan in Western Visayas Oh yeah, that's in Bora! Hey wait, I would like to have a quick review on geography.

    Boracay is an island in the municipality of Malay, Aklan composed of 3 barangays namely Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak. Caticlan is where you take a 10 minute boat ride which they call Jetty Port. Cagban Port is the gateway to the island where you can get a ride heading to your hotel. And please, don't call it Bora, its Boracay. Be careful since locals a ...

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    The Summer Guide to the Visayas Islands in Aklan

    When we think of Aklan's beaches, the world-famous Boracay Island comes to mind first. But do you know that there's more to discover and experience in this coastal province? Here's a handy list.


    The municipality of Batan was the home of the mythical Datu Kalantiaw in pre-colonial Philippines. Drop by the Kalantiaw Shrine located near the town's port.

    Explore Tinago Lake, also known as Tinagong Dagat (Hidden Sea), and a mangrove reforestation near Brgy. Tabon and Ipil. Tinagong Dagat is a bay with a narrow opening to the Sibuyan Sea; while there, visit Tabon Island, which is encl ...