Ati-Atihan Festival

Kalibo, Aklan

The Ati-Atihan Festival is a feast held annually in January in honor of the Santo NiƱo (Infant Jesus), concluding on the third Sunday, in the island and town of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines. The name "Ati-Atihan" means "to be like itas" or "make believe Ati's". Itas were the primary settlers in the islands according to history books. They too are the earliest settlers of Panay Island where th ...

e province of Aklan is situated.

The festival consists of tribal dance, music, accompanied by indigenous costumes and weapons, and parade along the street. Christians, and non-Christians observe this day with religious processions. It has inspired many other Philippine Festivals including the Sinulog Festival of Cebu and Dinagyang of Iloilo City, both adaptations of the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival, and legally holds the title "The Mother of All Philippine Festivals" despite of the other two said festivals' claims of the same title.

Ati-Atihan Festival News

  • Visayas Festivals Top January Celebrations

    Visayas Festivals Top January Celebrations

    More than the beauty of the Philippines, one main reason why tourists flock to the county is because of the vibrant festivals celebrated throughout the year. This entails a complete sensory experience - both for local and foreign tourists - since communities encourage visitors to imbibe domestic culture and tradition at every events.

    For January alone, three huge festivals showcase why it is truly "more fun in the Philippines," a country which brings together cultural immersion and revelry together like no other.

    Iloilo's Dinagyang Festival

    Probably the country's most colorful celebra ...

  • What's In Store For You At 2019 Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival

    What's In Store For You At 2019 Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival

    The Feast of Senor Sto Nino de Kalibo attracts devotees and tourists with its traditional procession and other activities held in celebration, including a rock concert and beauty pageant.

    Want to know what's in store for visitors traveling to Kalibo for the Ati-Atihan festival this January?

    For several years, the religious and cultural festival in Kalibo, Aklan has gone beyond being a typical Ati-Atihan celebration.

    Aside from vibrant street dancing, the festivalgoers will indulge in food, best bargains, music, and the wild chants of "Hala Bira, Pwera Pasma," to celebrate their faith ...

  • Festivals Facing Off As Higantes Rule Ati-Atihan Fest Once More

    Festivals Facing Off As Higantes Rule Ati-Atihan Fest Once More

    Giant papier-mache figures are not the only ones that will compete in one of the sub-events of the annual Ati-Atihan Festival here.

    Next year's Higante Contest will also be a battle of sorts among festivals across Aklan province.

    The provincial government, through the Provincial Tourism Office, invited local governments to participate.

    Themed "Showcase of LGU Festival," the contest will highlight the festivals of participating municipalities.

    Expected to join are the following municipal governments, featuring their respective festivals:

    * Kalibo, Malinao, Ibajay, Batan, Altavas, ...

  • Ati-Atihan Festival: Kalibo Aklan Philippines

    Ati-Atihan Festival: Kalibo Aklan Philippines

    At more than 800 years old, Ati-Atihan Festival had surpassed many human lifetimes, conquerors, presidents, wars, victories, calamities & what-have-yous. It inspired the creation of many lavish fiestas that happen everyday across the 7,000 plus islands in the Philippines. And it still continues to charm everyone to this day.

  • Full Blast Preps For Ati-Atihan 2019

    Full Blast Preps For Ati-Atihan 2019

    Preparations for next year's celebration of this capital town's Ati-Atihan Festival are now on "full blast."

    The 2019 installment of the one of the most sought-after festivals in Western Visayas will be on Jan. 11 to 20 ? the last day coinciding with the feast day of Senor Santo Nino de Kalibo.

    "Volunteers never stop working and planning for Ati-Atihan in collaboration with stakeholders - all for a festival that celebrates the vibrancy, faith and culture [of Kalibo]," said Kalibo Santo Nino Ati-Atihan Foundation, Inc. chairman Albert Menez.

    The festival organizing group aims for the a ...

  • Legend Of The Ati-atihan Fest In Aklan

    Legend Of The Ati-atihan Fest In Aklan

    Every January, Filipinos all over the world celebrate the Ati-atihan Festival, which is primarily devoted to the Santo Ni?o, or Child Jesus.

    But unknown to the millennial or younger generation, the history of the Ati-atihan is steeped in faith and Filipino culture.

    In 1975 Catholic priest Msgrs. Jose Iturralde wrote the history of the Ati-atihan could be traced to the old fishermen couple in Barangay Naile in the western part of the province.

    Iturralde said that in the early-1700s, an unnamed male fisherman went into the river to catch fish. But along the way, he considered it unfortu ...